Yorkshire Terrier Financing

Why limit yourself to Yorkie breeders that offer financing? Let PuppyLending.com help you get a cash loan offer for puppy financing. Then shop any breeder you like. How much do you expect to spend?

A puppy purchased with Yorkshire terrier bad credit financing.

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Why Financing A Puppy Makes Sense

Financing a Yorkshire Terrier? Several years ago people might have though that you were crazy but it is quite the norm these days. With the cost of pure bred dogs like  French Bulldogs, and of course Yorkshire Terriers, it just makes sense. If you are on the fence as to the benefit of getting a puppy loan online, take a look as just a few of the advantages.

Fast Decisions

It is incredibly easy and fast to get a loan offer online. You are already here and the quote form is located just above. Why not see what you can get. If you like the offer great, if not, just walk away.

Compare that to the alternative of applying for a loan at a pet store. It could take hours to do so in person and you face the possibility of in person rejection. Nothing worse than that if you have bad credit.

More Choices

If you get approved from that nationwide pet store, you are stuck shopping their selection of pets. Even putting the ethical debate about pet shops to the side for a moment, that severely limits you. What ate the odds of finding a Yorkshire Terrier puppy? Probably not that good, especially since pet shops love pushing designer puppies these days. Designer puppies are basically mixed breed dogs that they sell at a premium.

If you were to get an online offer for Yorkshire Terrier financing, your lender would send you money directly to your checking account. This makes you a cash buyer which means that you can shop anywhere that you like. Go directly to a breeder and get your choice of the litter. If pets are scarce at the moment, you have the power to put down a deposit on an upcoming litter. Cash gives you a lot of options.

Better Puppies

We all know where pet stores get their pets, from puppy mills. Puppy mills care about one thing, churning out as many dogs as they can. They do not screen for genetic diseases or make efforts to breed these things out. They also do not keep their puppies in the most humane or clean location. These puppies know cages from day one, not love. That can lead to dogs that are timid and quite frankly afraid of humans.

As a cash buyer, you can choose a quality breeder. One that does not breed dogs with genetic defects and one that keeps their dogs in humane conditions. You will get a healthier puppy and one that adapts to you much easier.

It Just Makes Sense

So, if you need money for a puppy, it just makes sense to go with an online loan and avoid the puppy store. Better dogs, better selection and you are not supporting an industry with questionable ethics at best.

About That Loan Offer

So, by now  you have probably realized that a pet loan might be a good choice. Let’s take a look at how you get your offer and how to decide whether to accept it.

Getting An Offer

At PuppyLending.Com, we are not direct lenders. We instead get you access to a network of lenders. This can be beneficial if you have bad credit because more lenders equals more opportunities at getting an offer on a puppy loan. Here is how it works.

  1. First, you will fill out the quote form located at the top of the page. It asks for some pretty basic information and the form walks you along step by step. Because of this, it should only take a minute or two to complete. Once you are done, simply submit the form after reading the terms of service.
  2. Now, your information is securely sent to the loan network. If approved, a single lender will make you a loan offer. You will be directed to their website where they will present this offer so that you can review the details.
  3. Finally, after reviewing the details, you can decide whether a loan is the right thing for you. If it is, accept it, if not, just turn it down. You are under no obligation ans there is no fee to get a quote.

That is it, if approved, you now have an offer for the Yorkshire Terrier that you want. Of course, accepting this loan is something that you should think carefully about.

Before Accepting

Before you accept that offer, think about several things.

First, make sure that the cost of the loan is worth it. You are just buying a pet after all, so it is not a necessity. Whether you are looking to buy a Yorkshire Terrier, an English Bulldog or any other breed, it can wait if the cost of the loan is too high.

Next, do you have any other ways to get money. A loan from a family member would be free and if this is an option, it surely beats an interest and fee bearing loan. Also look at options such as saving money. selling some property or perhaps getting a part time job to come up with the money.

Last but not least, make sure that you can afford that loan for your Yorkshire Terrier. Fit the payment into your budget and make sure it fits comfortably. Keep in mind that your new puppy will come with a number of other expenses such as routine vet visits, food, toys and of course, an eventual spay or neuter. These are things that you need to be prepared for, pets can be very expensive.