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What If You Can Not Keep Your Puppy?

Sometimes, life gets in the way of your pet plans and while we feel that you should make every effort to keep your pet, sometimes you just can’t.  You could be transferred out of the country, you could be facing medical issues or you could be dealing with any one of hundreds of other problems.

In any case, you can not keep your dog, so what are you going to do? There are solutions,so take a look.

Finding Your Dog A New Home

Contact Your Breeder

Most legitimate breeders will want their animals back if you decide that you can no longer keep them. In fact, if you signed a contract, you might be legally obligated to bring your dog back to the breeder.

Your breeder will likely have a very easy time finding a new home for your puppy. They are in the puppy industry and are constantly being contacted by people looking for your breed. Even if you have an older animal, finding a new forever home should not be difficult.

Go To A Rescue

If you have a pure bred puppy, there will be a rescue devoted to them. They generally have a small army of foster parents ready to take on a dog in need.

Should you decide to take this route, make it easy on your rescue by having veterinary records on hand. Also, remember that the earlier you bring your pet in the better. Younger animals are always easier to find homes for.

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Your breeder or a rescue will be the best options, but you can also place an ad to match your dog with a new owner.

Going this route might make you feel better because you can see that your pet goes to a good home. Take the time to screen the potential new owners and by all means, charge them a suitable re-homing fee.

A re-homing fee will make sure that the person taking your dog is not looking to “flip” the animal or sell it to a research facility for profit.

Re-Homing Tips

Re-homing your pet can be a difficult thing, but sometimes it is for the best. Here are some tips to make the process a bit smoother.

  • Have vet records handy.
    Call your vet and have them send you vet records including proof of all current vaccinations.
  • Provide your pet with comfort.
    Send as much of their pet gear with them as you can to give them some familiar things in their new home.
  • Do it early.
    If you know that you will be unable to keep your pet, get the process going ASAP. Older dogs are always harder to place.
  • Charge a fee.
    You wouldn’t want to give up a popular dog like an English Bully for free. You would have nothing but dog flippers contacting you. Charge an appropriate fee.
  • Be honest.
    if your dog has some negative traits such as a strong prey drive, be honest about it. You want to find a new owner that can handle your dog and want to keep them long term.

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