A dog wearing a party hat.

Ways To Have Fun With Your Dog

We love our dogs, but sometimes we let things get stale. The daily routine creeps in and it can get boring for not only us, but also our dogs.

Want ot make your dogs day a little more special? Here are some activities that you can do to give your dog a treat.

Go For A Walk

To make your dogs day, it might only take something as simple as a walk. If you own a home with a fenced yard, it is likely you have gotten away from walks. It is far easier to simply let your dog out in the yard and then go about your day. This allows them to relieve themselves but it usually does not provide much physical activity or mental stimulation.

Take your dog for a nice 10 to 20 minute walk and wear your dog out, in a good way. They will pass out in the evening and will likely be dreaming and kicking in their sleep all night.

If you already walk your dogs daily, make it special by walking them somewhere new. Take a different route or put them in the car and take them to a local park.

Hide Some Treats

Dogs love treats but sometimes it is good to make them work for it. Hiding treats can stimulate your dogs mind and help satisfy their desire to hunt. For smart and active dogs like the German Shepherd, it will likely become one of their favorite activities.

To begin, simply show your dog a treat. Then, with them inside, go out in the yard and hide a few treats around. You can then let them loose and let them do their thing. If you do not have a yard, just hide them in another room in your home. Be careful not to hide them someplace where they would have to dig or scratch to get to them. You do not want to encourage bad behavior.

Get Them To The Water

Most dogs love the water. I say most, because some brachycephalic dogs like English Bulldogs do not handle the water well. Still, for the vast majority of dogs, water is heaven.

Why not fill the need to splash by taking your dog to a dog beach. If you live near the ocean, these are fairly common but there are even many of these beaches inland at local lakes.

If you have never taken your dog to one of these places before, you should be sure of a few things. One, make sure they are up on all of their vaccinations. Two, make sure they can swim. It should come natural to most dogs, but there is no guarantee.

Take A Class

You can teach an old dog new tricks, so even if you have an older dog, an obedience or agility class might be a good idea.

A structured class will help stimulate your dogs mind and will allow them to interact with other dogs. Just don’t take things too seriously or allow yourself (or your dog) to get frustrated if they do not pick up things quickly. This is more for fun after all.

Let Them Shop With You

Dogs love to get out to see and smell new things. Next time you go shopping, take them with you.

There are a lot of stores that will allow you to take your pet inside and they do not even have to be service dogs. Pet stores are an obvious candidate, so why not take your puppy to one and let them pick out a new toy.

When you are done, head over to a home improvement store and do some browsing. Most stores like Home Depot allow canines to come in. Just be sure to stop them from marking. It is usually a good idea to relieve them before entering a store.

Throw A Dog Party

You likely have friends who also have dogs. Why not throw a dog party. It is a great way for not only your dog, but also you to socialize.

Make it a pot luck dinner with everyone bringing a dish for adults and a dish for canines. Home made dog treats are a good choice but store bought treats will do.

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