A puppy with sad eyes.

Wait, People Are Financing Dogs?

These days, you can finance just about everything, even dogs. Yep, people are really financing dogs and it makes far more sense than you might think. Take a look at the new trend of puppy financing.

Why Finance A Puppy?

Simple, because pure breed dogs keep getting more and more expensive. If you have a particular dog breed in mind, chances are good that it is going to cost you 2000 dollars or more just to purchase it. This can put a strain on most people budget which is where financing comes in to play.

With financing, people can get the dog that they like without putting a hurt on their budget. Breaking up a big purchase over several months or several years is a huge advantage. Not only does it put pure breeds in the reach of everyone, it also saves cash on hand for all of the other little expenses that come with a dog. This includes things like dog bedding, food, veterinary bills, etc

How Does Financing Work?

It is simple. If you are looking to get a new puppy and you do not have enough money, visit our website and fill out one short quote form. If approved, you will receive an offer for the money that you need. If you like the offer, you can accept it. If you do not like the offer, you can just walk away because there is no commitment whatsoever.

If you do like the deal for puppy financing, you can accept the loan and your lender will deposit money directly into your bank account. This has a number of benefits to you.

First, being a cash buyer allows you to shop with any breeder that you want. They do not have to be affiliated with any lending company. Since most breeders have plenty of business, few seek relationships with financing companies. So, getting financing that deposits money into your account directly allows you to shop for your dog just like any other cash buyer would.

Second, being a cash buyer means that you are not at the mercy of a pet store. Currently, most financing that you can get involves a pet store which is a very big problem. Most pet stores use mills which breed dogs in quantity not for quality. Little attention is given to breeding out defects or even properly caring for or loving the animal while it matures. Mills and pet shops, in most cases, should be avoided.

Third, getting your money in the form of cash allows you to more easily secure a hard to get puppy. Certain breeds such as French Bulldogs are hard to come by and go quickly. Many litters are of only one or two dogs and they get spoken for very fast. Having cash in your account will allow you to claim one and put a deposit down far in advance.

Getting Your Puppy Loan Offer

Luckily, getting an offer is easy and only takes a few minutes. To begin, click on the “Get Your Offer” link. You will then be taken to the very short quote page where you can enter your information.

All the form asks for is some very basic information such as your contact info and information about your source of income. Your income does not even have to be a job, it can be just a regular source of money.

Once you finish entering your info, you simply submit the form to the loan network. We ourselves are not lenders but instead offer you access to a network of lending pros. If approved, one of these lenders will make you an offer for the money that you need to purchase a dog.

When you get an approved offer, you will be directed to the lenders website where you can review all of the details. If you like the offer, accept it and if you do not, you can just walk away and look elsewhere.

Should you decide to accept the loan, your lender will get you the money just as soon as they can. In many cases, this will be the next business day. You can then process to shopping for your Yorkie, English Bulldog, German Shepherd or whatever breed that you want.

Is Financing Right For You?

That is something that only you can answer. Only you know your budget and can make this decision. Here are some things to think about though.

First, can you afford the loan payment. Get your offer and then put that monthly payment into your budget. Does it fit with room to spare or will you be stretched too thin. Remember, there will be additional expenses when you take on a pet such as food and veterinary care. These things can add up.

Second, is the cost of the loan too much. If you have bad credit, the finance fees and interest might be significantly more than what the average person would pay. Make sure that the fees are reasonable. This is after all a luxury item.