A french bulldog after puppy training.

Training A French Bulldog

Puppy training is crucial, but it is something that people often give too little consideration to. This is especially true when you have a cute little dog like a French Bulldog. Like most small breeds, these dogs tend to get away with murder, but you shouldn’t let them.

If you want a happy life with your pet, they need to be trained. We can help with some advice that will help you do just that.

When To Start Training


Your puppy training should begin the minute that you pick up your puppy. This is not to say that you will immediately put your puppy on a leash and start barking commands, but little things like potty training should be introduced right away.

It really is never too soon to start training your French Bulldog as long as you keep the lessons short and practice positive reinforcement. They are smart dogs, but they lack attention span like all children. If done correctly, your training sessions should be more like play time for your puppy.

French Bulldog Training Tips

Now that the matter of when to train is settled, let’s look at some tips that can help you get the job done quickly and with minimal frustration.

Keep Sessions Short

Like all dogs, French Bulldogs will have a limited attention span, so the shorter the session the better. With longer training sessions, your dog will become distracted and bored, making it frustrating for the both of you. When training in brief 5 to 10 minute intervals, your pet will be able to keep their attention on you.

Have A Potty Routine

You want to keep it consistent when first potty training. This means sticking to one spot, preferably outside of your home and not changing locations until your French Bulldog masters doing their business. By staying in one location, you concentrate their scent on one area, making the choice of where to potty that much easier for them.

Choose Appropriate Treats

Treats are a great way to reward your pet with a positive outcome. Like most dogs, your Frenchie will be food driven, making a treat the best possible reward. Choose your treats wisely however.

French Bulldogs are not a very active breed and are prone to becoming overweight. Small treats are your best option and use them in moderation. Now is also the time to introduce healthier treats if you want to keep your dog slim for life. Healthy treats like carrots, celery and cucumber can be great rewards if your dog gets a taste for them early in lie.

Use A Short Leash

Save the retractable leashes for another time. When training your puppy, you should be using a short 6 foot lead. Any more gives them too much initial freedom. Plus, retractable leashes have been accused of teaching dogs to pull which is never a good thing to encourage.

Make A Comfortable Crate

If you choose to crate train, make it as comfortable as possible. Keep the crate in a quiet location and have a comfortable pad. During the day, make the crate available to your puppy as a safe place to take a nap or rest.

Consider Professional Help

If all else fails, turn to a professional. It would be better to admit defeat and pay for a trainer than to let your puppy go untrained. The money spent at the moment ill be well worth it.

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