A dog on a road trip with his head out the window.

Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling with your pet? You could be in for a stressful journey unless you get yourself and your dog prepared. Here are some things that you need to do for your trip.

Traveling By Car

Most dogs love to go for a drive, but long trips can be an entirely different game. Below are things that you can do to have a safe and happy time.

  • Secure Your Dog
    There is no end to the amount of trouble that a unsecured dog can get into. They will constantly be in your face licking you, stealing your last french fry and will be a nuisance in general. An unsecured dog is also at risk in the case of an accident. Airbags can easily injure or kill your pet.
    The best way for your pet to travel will be in a secured pet carrier in the second row. Make sure that you provide a properly sized carrier large enough for your pet to stand in.
  • Get Them Used To Driving
    Your dogs first ride in your car or SUV should not be a 1000 mile road trip. Get them used to the car before you travel by gradually taking them on longer and longer rides.
  • Bring Their Gear
    Try to make the road as familiar as you can to keep your pet happy. Take along their normal water bowl, food bowl, a few toys and their bedding if possible.
  • Protect Your Car
    Your dog is surely going to shed on your road trip, so think about some seat covers. Also, consider the possibility of an upset stomach along the way so plan ahead. Try to cover the area of the floor they are near and bring along some cleaning supplies.
  • Take Breaks
    You might be in a hurry to get to your destination, but your dog will need breaks. Lower the stress level by taking frequent restroom breaks. When it comes time to eat, feed them at a stop instead of while driving.
  • Clean Up Pet Waste
    Don’t be that pet owner who refuses to pick up after their dog. Pet waste spreads disease and a messy rest area can ruin your stop.

Traveling By Plane

Taking a trip on a plane really kicks the stress level up a notch.

  • Pick A Good Pet Carrier
    You want to make your pet as comfortable as possible in order to ease your dogs tension. Make sure that they can stand up and turn completely around in their crate. A cramped cage will only make them more miserable.
  • Visit The Vet
    A week before your flight, take your pet for a check up. Make sure that all of their vaccinations are up to date and that you have a certificate of health.
  • Time Your Meals
    The absolute last thing that you would want to do is give your dog food or water right before you board. Give them their last meal with plenty of time to process it beforehand. As for water, cut it off 1 to 2 hours before you take off.
  • Wear Them Out
    You know how well a tired pet sleeps at home and the same goes for in the air. Try to take them on a long walk before you hit the airport, as long as they will tolerate.
  • Fly Direct
    Ease the stress level by springing for direct flights without a stopover. This will minimize your time in the air and spare you and your pet the strain of a pane change.
  • Choose A Good Flight Time
    If your pet is small like a Chihuahua and will be traveling in the plane, choose a time that is not busy. For those larger pets that are traveling in the cargo hold, choose your time based on the weather. In the hot Summer, travel at night and travel during the day in the winter.

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