A French Bulldogthat is a popular breed.

The Lovable French Bulldog

Over the last decade or so, the French Bulldog has quickly been gaining in popularity. It is now officially one of the top breeds in the Unites States and for good reason. Take a look at some of the things that make this small dog so special and see if one might be a good fit for you.

They Have A Distinct Look

The French Bulldog has a very distinct look with it’s bat ears and smushed in face. Even a poppy has the look of a senior dog. Some would say that they look grumpy all the time but if you say that, you do not understand their personality.

Their Personalities Are Great

If you want an affectionate dog that loves to cuddle, the French Bulldog fits the bill. They love their owners and can spend all day in your lap. They also get along well with all of the family including kids and other pets.

Low Daily Maintenance Needs

A Frenchie is not an athlete in any shape or form. Short walks is all they need to be happy and stay in shape. In fact, longer walks or walks in hot conditions are frowned upon, Because of their short snouts, they just can not handle it. So, if you want a dog that you do not to have to feel guilty about not walking, get a French Bulldog puppy.

Barking Is Not Their Thing

Although your Frenchie will talk to you, they do not bark much. They are a very calm dog and it takes a lot to get them going. If you have had a barker in the past that annoyed you , you will be in heaven with this breed.

Should You Buy A French Bulldog?

With all of the great traits above, it seems like it should be obvious that a French Bulldog is the right dog for you. Why not go out and get one right now? Don’t get ahead of yourself, because there are some negative aspects of owning a French Bulldog. Take a look.

They Have Skin Conditions

These dogs are very prone to developing skin conditions. Because of this, great care must be taken with bathing. Only organic, hypoallergenic soaps should be used and care must be also taken to

Strong Personalities Are Normal

The French Bulldog has a strong personality that leads to stubbornness. That can make them a bit harder to train than other, more eager to please breeds like German Shepherds. Be prepared to be persistent and use lots of positive reinforcement.

Costs Are Quite High

French Bulldogs are expensive and are only getting more so. The high demand for these dogs coupled with high breeding costs and small litters means that you are likely going to need to spend 5000 dollars or more to acquire one. We can help with French Bulldog Financing, but this can still be quite the obstacle.

The problem is that the French Bulldog can not naturally reproduce. Because of their body structure, they need help every step of the way. They will need artificial insemination, regular vet checks with sonograms and eventually can only give birth through cesarean section.

Couple all of these expenses with small liters of 2 or 3 pups and high demand and you get the huge price tag.


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