A Corgi puppy with a gift.

Should You Give A Puppy As A Present?

With the holidays in full swing, the gifts are starting to pile up. Hopefully, you have completed your holiday shopping by now, but if not, you might be struggling for a gift idea. If so, the idea of gifting a puppy might have popped into your head, but should you [...]

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New puppy in a basket.

Getting Prepared For Your New Puppy

If you are expecting a new puppy, you have a lot of work to do. Getting prepared for your puppy now will allow you to make the transition to your home much easier on your new addition. It will also reduce your stress and allow you to enjoy the first [...]

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A puppy with separation anxiety.

Dealing With Separation Anxiety

Does your puppy bark excessively or show destructive behavior when you leave the home. Are they having accidents when you leave even when they are perfectly potty trained? It could be separation anxiety and it can be a big issue. There are however some things that you can do to [...]

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A puppy who pottys on grass.

Potty Training Tips

When you get a new puppy, one of the most urgent tasks at hand is potty training. This is particularly important with big dogs, but even if you have a little dog like a Frenchie puppy, it is important. Potty training should begin immediately and you need to do it [...]

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2 dogs socializing

Socializing Your Puppy

If you are bringing a new puppy home, you will quickly find that it is not all fun and games.  As a pet owner, you have a responsibility to care for and train your puppy. There are a lot of responsibilities being dropped in your lap. One of these is [...]

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A dog who has been paper trained.

Paper Training Your New Puppy

Thinking about paper training that new puppy of yours? Many people depend on paper training for a number of reasons. It might be that you lack a yard or even a nearby grassy area for your puppy to use as the bathroom. Or, it might be that you live in [...]

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A puppy laying on the grass.

6 Tips For New Puppy Owners

About to be a first time puppy owner? If so, this is a very exciting time for you and you may not exactly know what to expect. Get ready for the responsibility and the fun of pet ownership by reading these new puppy owner tips. 1) Educate Yourself First and [...]

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Puppy Food that can be expensive.

Save Money With Your New Puppy

There is nothing like a new puppy, but be prepared to open up your wallet. The cost to own a puppy is not small and this goes beyond the 4000 to 5000 dollars that it costs to buy some breeds like French Bulldogs. After the purchase price, you have years [...]

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A new puppy

Separating From The Litter

The first few days that you have your new puppy, they will likely be suffering from separation anxiety. If you have a full bred puppy, you typically take your puppy home around the eight week mark and this can be tough for an insecure puppy with an as yet undeveloped [...]

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Puppy Payment Plans

Looking for a puppy payment plan? We can help with that. Start your payment plan quote by entering in how much you expect to need (Average Request $2500 – $5000). If approved your lender will deposit cash directly into your account. This will let you shop for your puppy as [...]

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