Jack Russell from a responsible breeder.

Spotting A Responsible Breeder

Like everything else in life, not all breeders are the same. Some are more dedicated to their craft than others, which means that you need to do your research before deciding on a breeder. Lucky for you, we can help.

Why Choose A Responsible Breeder?

Before we get started, what is the big deal about buying from a reputable breeder? A dog is a dog right? Well, not really.

When you buy from a responsible breeder, you are much more likely to get what you were expecting. Your dog is likely to be much healthier and a true example of the breed. Lesser breeders may not follow standards set by the AKC or might cut corners with breeding.

Good breeders are also more compassionate towards their animals. They follow proper methods of breeding which means not over breeding their dogs and giving mother and pups proper nutrition and medical care. The result is usually a much healthier and well adjusted puppy.

Lastly, although there are other benefits, responsible breeders provide you with a safety net. You never know what life will throw at you and sometimes you may need advice with your pet or might even have to give them up. In these cases, the help of a responsible and ethical breeder will be priceless.

Signs Of A Responsible Breeder

Now, let’s look at the signs of a good breeder.

They Are Invested

How much are they invested in the dog breeding community? A responsible breeder is about more than making money. They are generally involved in the breeding community and particularly in organizations that represent the animals they specialize in such as Great Danes or English Bulldogs. Don’t be afraid to ask what associations your breeder is a member of and if you are uncertain, check for accuracy.

They Have Been Breeding For Years

Yes, everyone needs to start somewhere but being a novice is a red flag. A long track history does a few things. It can show that they have a history of following proper breeding techniques and it can separate them from the breeder who’s dog just happened to get pregnant.

They Want You To Sign A Contract

A good breeder cares about their puppies and want to make sure that they are taken care of. To ensure this, they will generally require a buyer to sign a contract with several clauses. One of them will be a return to breeder clause, requiring you to return your dog if you can not keep them.

They Do Not Follow Trends

The designer pet craze has led to many fly by night breeders entering the market with new commercially available varieties of dogs. These dogs are mixed breeds, but hype can allow breeders to charge excessive amounts for them. Responsible breeders value tradition over trends and do not participate in this kind of activity.

They Invite You To Their Facility

If a breeder wants to meet you somewhere with a dog, that is a very bad sign. Even in the time of Covid, you need to be able to see where a puppy has been raised and you should have a chance to meet the parents. When a facility tour is not available, even virtually, you have to ask what they are hiding. It might be improper or even unsanitary conditions.

They Are Knowledgeable

You should feel like you can ask your breeder anything and get a correct answer. If you are buying a GSD, you should feel like they are an expert on German Shepherd puppies without question. A breeder without breed knowledge should not be trusted.

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