A dog with sad eyes from an animal shelter.

Reasons To Adopt A Dog

At PuppyLending.com, we love our pure bred puppies and that usually means that we support breeders. There is certainly a place however, for pet adoption. Take a look at just a few of the many reasons that you might consider adopting a pet from a local shelter instead of buying from a breeder.

It Is Cheaper To Adopt

Pure bred dogs are expensive, potentially costing thousands of dollars. Even relatively common dogs like German Shepherds can cost $2000 or more, if you want a quality animal. If you can not afford to pay this much and do not wish to take on the burden of a puppy loan, adoption is a good choice.

This is not to say that adoption is a free option however. Most shelters do charge some money. Expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $500 to adopt a dog from a shelter. If the dog is not already spayed or neutered, this price generally includes a voucher to have the procedure done.

The actual price that you pay will usually depend on the age of the dog. Older dogs, being harder to adopt, generally cost less. You will pay the most for a puppy or a young adult.

If you want to make this cost lower, look for special adoption days. Shelters will often have promotions during holidays or when they are at capacity.

They May Already Be Trained

If you lack the patience to train a puppy, a shelter dog can be a real blessing. Most of these dogs will have spent some time at the shelter prior to being available for adoption. During this time, the handlers will usually be able to tell if a dog has been house trained and if they get along with others.

Bringing home a house trained dog can save you weeks or even months of aggravation. Do keep in mind though that dogs can regress a bit when subject to stress. The stress of being in a kennel and then being shuffled off to a new home could potentially lead them to having a few accidents. Be patient.

You Will Save An Animals Life

When you adopt an animal from a shelter, you will be giving a dog a second chance at life. It is just a good thing to do. Each year, shelters are forced to euthanize over half a million dogs. You can help save one of them.

Realize that even if you adopt from a “no kill” shelter, you will still be saving a life. These shelters may not euthanize their animals, but they have limited capacity. Adopting one of them will free up the space needed to save another dog in need.

You Will Feel Better

It feels good to do the right thing. You might really want a pure breed, but when that shelter dog looks up at you, your heart will just melt.

Besides, that, you get the pleasure of letting everyone else know what a great person you are by posting to social media. Don’t worry, this is not a smug thing to do, in fact it is a great way to spread the word about the importance of adopting.

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