Tips for new puppy owners.

Puppy Tips For First Time Owners

Raising a puppy is a lot harder than it at first seems. This is one thing that first time puppy owners quickly come to realize. It is not all puppy breath and tail chasing, so there are some things you need to know. If you are a new puppy owner, here are some tips that will help you on your journey.

Get Ready Financially

We can obviously help you with financing your puppies from a breeder, but new pet owners need to realize that the cost of a puppy goes well beyond the initial purchase. You have planned vet visits, unplanned vet visits as well as food, treats, bedding and potentially boarding costs. It can add up in a hurry, so be prepared. It is a good idea to have at least a thousand dollars in the bank to cover expenses and/or to buy pet insurance.

Have Your Home Prepped

Many new pet owners do not take the time to prepare their home for a new arrival and then are shocked at the chaos that ensues. First and foremost, you need to section off an area for your puppy. Free reign of your entire home is not something that a puppy needs, remember that this is a baby. Once you have an area picked, go through and puppy proof it. Remove or protect anything that could be damaged by your pu or anything that could harm them.

Isolate Then Socialize

When your puppy first arrives, it will likely not have all of the required vaccinations. This means that you will need to isolate them until they are fully protected, especially with the dangers of Parvo. Keep them at home and away from animals that you do not know. The last thing that you would want to do is take your new puppy to a pet store or dog park where they could be exposed to a life threatening illness. This also means not letting them go potty where other dogs go, so keep that in mind when traveling.

Once your dog is fully vaccinated, the opposite becomes true. You want to take your puppy to as many places as you can to get them used to more sights, sounds, animals and people. This will produce a dog that ends up being very social, well behaved and friendly.

Start Training Immediately

Training should start from day one, but do not get carried away. Start with simple tasks like learning how to sit and stay. These are commands that will keep them safe in later life.

Also, start potty training immediately, but know that there will be mistakes. Start by picking one area for them to use the restroom and never changing it. Take them to the same patch of grass or the same tree immediately when you go outside to avoid any confusion.

Pick The Right Breed

Do not shop for a particular breed based solely on how they look. You also have to take temperament and personality into consideration. Although every dog is different, there are some characteristics that particular breeds have. Know them in advance so you can pick the right dog for you.

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