Puppy Financing In California

If you need puppy financing in California we may be able to help. Take a minute to get a free no obligation offer from an online lender. Even if you have bad or less than perfect credit you may be able to qualify. Find out now.

Puppy financing loan in California.

About Online Financing

Right about now, you might be wondering about how all of this works. It is very simple to get puppy financing in California and it might be one of the easiest ways to get the money that you need for a new puppy.

First off, we ourselves are not a puppy lender. We do not make credit decisions or credit offers which is a good thing for you, especially if you have less than perfect credit. What we do instead is get you access to a large group of online lenders and one of them may be able to extend you a cash offer. That is right cash.

If approved for a loan and you accept it, your lender will deposit the money directly into your account. This simplifies things quite a bit.

For starters, being a cash buyer means that there is no paperwork for a breeder to fill out. Most breeders do not offer their own financing because they do not want to deal with the headache. Being a cash buyer will let you purchase your puppy just like anyone else in California.

In addition, since you will have cash deposited right into your bank account, you can shop with any breeder that you like. Choose the best breeder for your breed instead of having to shop with only those that offer some sort of in house financing. This is important because not all breeders are equal.

Finally, since your lender will give you cash money, you can use excess funds to pay for all of those little  and large expenses that come up with a puppy. Vets in California, for example, are not cheap especially in the first year of life for a dog.

Getting Your Puppy Loan Offer

So, now that you know the benefits of getting your loan online, instead of locally in California, how exactly do you get it. It is very simple and it will only take a few minutes to get it done. Here is what you need to do.

To get started, head back up to the top of the page and fill out the short loan quote form. It will take a few minutes to enter in your information, less if you are a type fast or are using auto complete.

Begin by entering how much you expect to need for your puppy. Keep in mind that some breeds  such as English Bulldogs or Frenchies are very expensive. You can also request additional money to pay for other expenses. If you accept an offer, it is a cash offer, you can use it for whatever  you need to, not just your puppy.

In addition to how much you need, the form will ask for some basic information about you and how you make your money. It will also request your banking information because this is how your lender will get you the money.

Once you have entered your information, you can hit the submit button and off it goes securely to the online lending group. If approved for a loan, one of these lenders will submit an offer to you. You will be taken to their individual website so that you can review this offer.

Should you decide to accept an offer, you can have money in your California bank as soon as the next business day. If you do not like the offer, you can turn it down and there is no obligation. You can just walk away and find another way to pay for your puppy.

Why Puppy Financing

Right about now, you might be on the fence as to whether or not you should finance a puppy with an online lender. That is understandable, so why not take a look at a few of the benefits.

  • It is convenient.
    You are in front of a computer or smart device right now obviously so what could be easier than filling out a quote form. Most people can fill out their forms in just a few minutes and then you will have your answer fast.
  • You get your money in cash.
    With in house puppy financing in California, you would have to buy your puppy from one location. This limits you both on the type of puppy and the quality. Most places that offer financing are pet shops and we all know that they should be avoided. Get your money in cash and shop just like any other cash buyer.
  • It is more private.
    If you have less than perfect credit, the thought of applying for financing locally in California might be intimidating. What happens if you get turned down. Not only would it be embarrassing, but you probably would have already fallen in love with a puppy. Not a good situation. Apply with our online lending group and avoid that situation entirely.
  • You can ask for more money.
    With in house financing, you can finance the dog and that is it. If you get an online puppy loan, you can ask for more money. Since you get paid in cash, you can then use the money to pay for all of the other little and large expenses. You will, after all, need bedding leashes, toys and of course Veterinary care. First year vet costs in California can easily top 1000 dollars.