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If you are looking for a Pug breeder that finances, you are limiting your choices. Let help you get a loan offer for puppy financing & shop any breeder you like as a cash buyer. How much do you expect to spend?

A Pug puppy that was brought home because of financing.

Financing Your Pug Puppy

It might seem like a strange thing to some, but online puppy financing is a very popular thing these days. Why? Simple, because pure bred puppies are extremely expensive.

Up until recently, your only choice for financing an animal was the pet store. This was very limiting in breed selection and you have the obvious ethical issues with a pet store. Now, you can get financing online which frees you to purchase your Pug from a real breeder.

Advantages Of Online Financing

Take a look at some of the many advantages to financing your Pug online.

  • Shop With Cash
    If you are approved and accept your loan, your lender will deposit money directly into your account. That essentially makes you a cash buyer, allowing you to purchase your Pug from any breeder that you like.
  • Easy Approval
    The online lending group that we give you access to is large. That means that your chances of getting an approval are better, even if you have bad credit.
  • Convenience
    Everything is easier online. Why try to hunt down local financing only to have to fill out stacks of paperwork. Get it done online now in just a few minutes.

Getting Your Finance Offer

Now that you see the benefits from getting a loan for your Pug online, let’s see how you get your offer.

First, you should know that we are not direct lenders and that is a very good thing. It is harder to get an approval with a single lender with one set of requirements. Instead, we get you access to a large lending group made up of many lenders with many different sets of requirements. If you have less than perfect or even bad credit, you will find this important.

To get your offer, simply head up to the top of the page and fill out the online quote form.

Begin by estimating how much you need to borrow. The average price for a pug is anywhere from 1000 to 1500 dollars, so start there. Keep in mind though that this would be a cash loan, so you could also ask for more money to cover first year pet expenses which can easily go over 1000 dollars.

Next, complete the form with some basic contact information, information about your income and the bank where you want your money sent. This should only take a minute or two.

That is it, now all you have to do is agree to the terms and then submit your form. If approved, one lender will make you an offer and you will be directed to their website where you can see all of the details. Be sure to thoroughly read all of the loan terms before making a decision.

If you like the loan terms, you can accept the loan online and your lender will go about getting you your funds. This could be as soon as the very next business day.

Buying Your New Pug Puppy

If you decided to accept a loan for your Pug, now you are to the fun part. Now you get to go find that puppy. Here are a few tips

Use A Reputable Breeder

First and foremost, you need to use a good breeder that is experienced. “Backyard breeders” usually mean well but do not have the knowledge that is needed to breed a healthy puppy. Legitimate breeders will screen their animals for genetic conditions and raise their puppies properly.

Using a real breeder, even if it costs you a few hundred dollars more, can really save you in the end. You may end up with a healthier and happier dog in the long run.

Have Your Home Ready

Another good thing to keep in mind is that you should have your home in order before you bring home your Pug puppy.

A puppy is just like a baby and you need to baby proof things. Secure items that you do not want chewed on like electrical cords and vertical blinds.

Also, section off an area of your home for your puppy. The last thing that a baby needs is free reign of your entire home. Small areas are easier to baby proof, easier to keep clean and are less overwhelming to a puppy.

Take Vet Visits Seriously

Finally, make sure that you take vet care seriously. The very first thing that you should do when you get home is schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. You can then discuss the shots that are needed and how often they need to be checked. No use wasting the money from Pug financing on an animal that you do not intend to care for.

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