Popular Puppies To Finance

Puppy financing is a real thing and it is not going anywhere. The reason is simple, full bred puppies are expensive and so is their care for the first year of their life. Because of this, a loan makes perfect sense. So what kind of dogs are people financing? Here are some of the top breeds that people inquire about financing for.

French Bulldogs

The small but popular breed is one that is very commonly financed and the reason for that is simple. These dogs are very expensive. It is one of the more expensive breeds on the market.

The reason for the high cost is mainly because of the high demand of the dogs. They are very popular and, being a small breed, they produce very small litters. In addition, because of the size of the dog, they almost always require c-section to deliver.

A starting price for a “Frenchie” is around 3000 dollars. Add in food, supplies and vet care and you have first year costs that will exceed 4000 dollars.

That is why this breed accounts for so many puppy loans. Without them, many people would find one of these dogs out of reach and that is a shame since they are such a wonderful breed.

English Bulldog

Another big one on the list is the English Bulldog. With a cost of 2000 to 4000 dollars, it is easy to see why people need to finance them at times. Add to this the high cost of vet care for this breed and you will need a good deal of money to own one.

The cost is well worth it though because, although the dog looks very grumpy, they are actually a friendly breed. This makes them a great family dog as they are loyal and enjoy their people.

Other Breeds

The two breeds above actually make up the most requests for pet financing with the French Bulldog being a runaway favorite for puppy financing.

That being said, people look to finance all sorts of different breeds. Anything from Standard Poodles to German Shepherds to Beagles can and have been financed.

Is Puppy Financing For You?

Only you can really answer that question because everyone’s situation is different.

If you have the money to pay for your puppy in cash, by all means do so. If, however, you need to hold some money back to pay for related expenses or do not have the money you need for a quality animal, financing might be right.

Having said that, you should not blindly accept any offer. A pet is a luxury item and if the loan terms are not reasonable, you are probably better off turning the offer down.

So, if you think that financing might be for you, get your free offer and then consider it carefully. Remember, you are under no obligation until you sign for your loan. Use caution and make the right decision.