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Need puppy financing? We can help you get a quote for a pet loan and, best of all, approved loans are paid directly to you. This will let you shop for your dog as a CASH BUYER, allowing you to use ANY breeder you like.

Start your quote with how much you expect to spend on your new puppy. (Average Request $1000 – $2500)

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How Does Puppy Financing Work?

We ourselves are not direct lenders. Instead, we give you access to a network of lenders which is important because “pet financing” is hard to get, even with good credit. More lenders makes it easier to get an approval.

It could not be any easier to get your new puppy financing offer. In fact, you can get it all done in just a few minutes. This is how it will all work if you choose to proceed.

  • Tell the lenders about yourself.
    First, you need to complete the form at the top of the page. It is simple and only requires a few things. Indicate how much you need to borrow and then list your contact information, income information and banking info.
    Banking info? That is right, that is because if approved, your lender will send you money directly. That is a huge bonus…(but more on that later).
  • Submit your quote form.
    Once you have completed the form, you just need to submit it to the network of lenders. It is then securely transmitted and if approved, you will receive an offer from one of the lenders.
  • Review your offer.
    If you received an offer, you will be directed to the individual lenders website. There you can review all of the details of the loan so that you can make a decision as to whether it is right for you.
    Be sure to take the time to carefully examine the loan details so you understand the commitment that you are getting into.
  • Accept your pet loan.
    If everything looks good to you, all that you need to do is accept the loan. You will then get your money just as soon as possible. For many, this could be as soon as the next business day. Can’t beat that.

Pretty easy right? Best of all, there is no obligation whatsoever. Get your offer and if you do not like it, you can jut walk away.

Why Not Get Pet Shop Financing?

For many, puppy financing means getting approved for store credit at a pet store. Not a good option in most cases and there are a lot of reasons for that. Here are just a few for your consideration.

  • Limited Choices
    If you apply for pet financing with a pet shop, you are limited to the pets on hand. If you want a specific breed, you are usually out of luck.
    Making matters worse, pet shops generally like to stock what they call “designer pets”. Crosses between different breeds of dogs. That means that they are basically selling you mutts at pure breed prices. Now, there is nothing wrong with a mutt. They can be great dogs but not if you are paying thousands of dollars for them.
  • Higher Prices
    Pet shops buy from breeders (or puppy mills) and then resell them to you for a profit. Go straight to the source, the breeder, and get a much better price. I have seen mixed breed dogs at pet stores sell for higher prices than what a breeder would sell them for.
  • Unhealthy Animals
    Pet stores buy from the cheapest supplier that they can. These puppy mills are all about mass producing animals and often give little care to breeding out genetic disorders. This can lead to dogs with some very serious health conditions. Heart disease, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, etc. These are things that responsible breeders take care to avoid by selective breeding. If a dog has heart or hip issues, they are not bred. The same can not be said for puppy mills.
  • Mental Health issues
    Sounds strange to say this with a puppy, but it can be true. How would you like to spend some of the first few weeks to months of your life in a cage? It can make for a dog that is possibly timid, antisocial or even aggressive.
  • Limited Availability
    If you are looking for something specific, you might have to wait some time with a breeder. They have a limited inventory of a few dozen or so dogs. Compare that to the hundreds of dogs that might be available in your area for breeders.
    In addition, being able to go to a breeder, as a cash buyer, can allow you to put a deposit on a dog that is still in the womb. For many, hard to get breeds, this is the only way to secure one.

There you have it, a lot of reasons to avoid the pet shop. Get a cash loan instead and go right to the breeder. You will get a healthier animal, one that you really want and you will not be financially supporting an industry with questionable ethics.

What Kind Of Puppy Can You Finance?

You can finance any kind of puppy that you like but people generally look to finance those costing over 800 dollars. This means that you will probably not be using puppy financing for a mixed breed from the pound. Take a look at some of the most commonly financed breeds.

Bernese Mountain Dog : The noble Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed of dog with a distinct tri color pattern. Strong and smart, they are part of the working dog family.

Bichon Frise: Known to be one of the best companion dogs, a Bichon Frise is a great choice for those who want constant company.

Bloodhound : The Bloodhound was bred to track deer and wild boar. Today, Bloodhounds are still used for hunting and in law enforcement or search and rescue. Intelligent dogs with a nose that is second to none.

Boxer: Playful and happy describes the Boxer puppy. They have the patience to deal with small children, making them excellent family dogs.

Chihuahua: Certainly one of the smallest of dog breeds, weighing under 6 pounds. Though small in size, Chihuahuas are strong in character and spirit.

Cocker Spaniel: With a calm temperament and loving nature, the Cocker Spaniel is a good choice for a family dog. Alert and very playful, they need to be exercised regularly.

Dachshund: Always a favorite, the Dachsund is a smart dog that is bred to be a bit stubborn. They are fearless in nature for a dog of their stature.

English Bulldog: This is one of the most recognizable breeds on earth with a massive, short muzzled head. You either love or hate the English Bulldog, but we lean towards loving them.

French Bulldog: They are pound for pound one of the most expensive dogs to own. Those who put up the money for a French Bulldog are rewarded with a very calm, playful and relatively quiet breed.

German Shepherd: The GSD is the classic definition of a working dog. They are brave, fearless and always ready to go to work. The German Shepherd demands activity and must be exercised physically and mentally.

Golden Retriever: Where the German Shepherd is always ready to work, the Golden Retriever is always ready to play. Strong and athletic, they are an active dog but are a much more family and kid friendly breed.

Great Dane: Few dogs are as breathtaking as the Great Dane. Their massive size and strength conceals their friendly, playful and sometimes goofy nature.

Greyhound: A very family friendly dog that considers themselves a part of the group. Greyhounds were originally bred to hunt game by sight but are now very happy to be part of a human family.

Irish Wolfhound: A positively massive breed with an intimidatingly large head. The Irish Wolfhound is muscular, graceful and can reach nearly 200 pounds.

Maltese: A Maltese puppy will grow up to be a gentle yet fearless dog. Most puppies will top out at around 6 pounds when fully grown.

Mastiff: Want a big, noble and confident dog, then the Mastiff is for you. With an average weight of 200 pounds, they are a commitment however.

Pekingese: A small dog from China that can be fiercely independent. If you want a high spirited dog with character, a Pekingese is a good choice.

Pomeranian: This dog is a little ball of energy. Curious, smart and at times fearless. A Pomeranian probably not the best choice of dogs if you have small children at home.

Pug: Once a Pug owner, always a Pug owner. This breed loves their family and have a lot of character in a little package.

Rottweiler: A solid and formidable dog that serves well as a family pet. A Rottweiler is strong and loyal, you will feel safe with your Rotty.

Siberian Husky: Not a couch potato, the Siberian Husky is a working class dog that needs to be kept active. They will quickly become bored if not exercise and may not make the best family pet.

Staffordshire Terrier: Also referred to commonly as the American Pit Bull, the Staffordshire Terrier is a loyal and loving pet that is often a victim of some stereotypes.

Standard Poodle: A very smart dog, the Standard Poodle is full of personality.

Weimaraner: Thebold looking Weimaraner, also known as a Silver Ghost, is a striking dog in appearance. Bred to hunt deer and even bear, they have a high prey drive. Not a good choice if you have small kids or cats.

Yorkshire Terrier: Weighing under 10 pounds, the Yorkshire Terrier is great if you want a petite dog. Although small in stature, they let their presence be known and can often be considered bossy.

As you can see, the list is quite extensive. This is because pretty much every pure bred dog these days costs over 1000 dollars. Not everyone has that kind of money to put down on a pet which is why puppy financing is such a great way to keep good pets in reach of more people.