French Bulldog resting on the ground.

New Frenchie Puppy? Here Are Some Training Tips

Are you about to bring home a new French Bulldog puppy? This is an exciting time for you, but make sure that you are prepared for what is about to come. You need to have a plan on how to train that new puppy of yours. Luckily, we can help you by giving you some great tips that will put you on the right track. Let’s get started.

Begin Right Now

Your new puppy, much like a human child, is a sponge. You should start training them right away, but start slow. Work on the little things like potty training and no commands. These are the things that will keep them out of trouble as they start exploring their new world.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

Treats and praise work far better than scolding with French Bulldogs. But remember, you have to do it quickly. Puppies have a short attention span so you need to reward them immediately. Always keep treats on hand so that you are ready to go with a positive reward.

Emphasize Socialization

It is important to introduce your puppy to various situations and different people and pets. Once your Frenchie is fully vaccinated, start taking them on trips into public. Good destinations include dog parks and pet friendly stores like Home Depot. Proper socialization will give you a well adjusted dog that is not afraid of the world.

Practice Key Commands Daily

Commands like sit, stay, come and down should be practiced daily until your puppy has a grasp for them. These are the commands that will be used to curb bad behavior and keep your puppy out of trouble, so they are very important.

Use A Leash

Even if your new pup is home most of the time or in a fenced yard, you should train them to be comfortable on a leash. Your puppy will eventually have to go to the veterinarian and leashes will be mandatory. If they are not taught to tolerate a leash and “do their business” while leashed, you will have problems in the future.

Be Consistent

Your puppy will not pick up everything immediately and it is easy to give up hope. Don’t give up on training. Instead, be consistent and stick with it. Eventually, they will start picking things up and you will see progress made. The key is to be consistent and stay with the same training methods.

Seek Professional Training

If training a puppy is not your thing, be honest with yourself. Perhaps professional training is the best thing for your French Bulldog puppy. Money spent by hiring a professional will pay huge dividends in the future.

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