A new puppy in it's bed.

Must Have Puppy Supplies

It is very exciting, bringing a new fur baby home. You probably can not wait until your new puppy is weened so that you can finally take delivery. While you are waiting though, you should be planning.

Your new puppy will need a lot of supplies and they will need them right away. Take a look at what you should have in your home, before you take delivery of your new puppy.

Food & Water Bowls

Your new puppy will need to have access to fresh water at all times. Get a water bowl that is appropriately sized for the breed of dog you are looking at. A German Shepherd will obviously have different needs than a Chihuahua puppy. You do not need a bowl that will last for days, because you will need to change it often.

As far as food goes, you should also go size appropriate. You will most likely be breaking your puppies meals into about 3 portions. If you have a large breed like a Great Dane, you might also consider a “slow feed” bowl. These bowls have patterns that make the food harder to get. Large breed dogs are prone to bloat and forcing them to eat slowly is usually a good thing.


You have got to put something in those bowls after all. You want to research your breed and find out what the most recommended type of food is.

For starters though, contact your breeder and find out what they are currently feeding your puppy. Buy the same food initially to ease their transition and to prevent any stomach issues.

New Collar & Leash

A nice fitting collar is crucial to keep your puppy safe and secure on walks. It should not be too tight though. You should be able to get two fingers under the collar easily. If in doubt about the size of collar to get, your breeder will likely be able to help.


A nice dog bed will go a long ways towards comforting your new puppy. Remember that they will be in a strange place and that new dog bed will quickly become their source of warmth and comfort.

Crate training is an individual choice. Some people believe in it and some do not. If you intend to crate train, make sure that you get the appropriate bedding to make it comfortable. Also, choose an appropriate size for your breed. Dogs like the German Shepherd will be huge before you know it.


A bored puppy is a destructive puppy, so you need to keep them occupied. Some of the most important new puppy supplies you can get are toys that are both durable and interactive.

Also, be sure to invest in some chew bones. Avoid rawhide in favor of nylon. Rawhide can introduce a choking hazard and large pieces could also cause an intestinal blockage.


Puppies are guaranteed to have accidents, it is as simple as that. Be prepared with a collection of cleaning supplies. Little spots can be cleaned with a simple solution of white vinegar and water. If you have carpet though, you should pick up an enzyme cleaner that is designed to digest the spill.

Also, be sure to have rags or paper towels handy. The sooner you get to the mess, the easier it will be to handle.


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