Puppies playing in a yard.

How To Deal With A Rowdy Puppy

Are you finding yourself overwhelmed with a rowdy puppy? If so, you are not alone. Many people have visions of taking home that cute and cuddly puppy only to find themselves dealing with a little furry tornado.

While it is normal to have some rowdiness with a puppy, there are steps you can take to get things under control, at least a little bit. Take a look at some of your options.

Go For A Walk

As long as your puppy is fully vaccinated, a walk can be a great way to get out some of that excess energy.

Start out slow, keeping in mind that your puppy will most likely not have the same ability to travel as far as you. You wouldn’t want to have to carry a tired pup all the way back home. Stick to short walks and trails at first until you know what your puppies abilities are. You can then start gradually increasing the distance.

Also, consider your dogs natural abilities. English bulldog puppies, for example, are not going to be marathon walkers. Keep their walks short and sweet.

If you want to increase the benefit of your walk, try to take your dog new places. This will help to stimulate their mind and will increase the benefit of your walks. When you get home from a new place you will have hours of peace as your dog sleeps and processes what they have just experienced.

Get Professional Training

Every dog can benefit from professional training. It gives them exercise, stimulates their mind and can help keep them out of trouble.

Training is particularly beneficial if you have a dog that is a member of the working breed family. Dogs like German Shepherds need the discipline and mental stimulation. Without it, you will have a dog that is not only rowdy but also destructive.

Another benefit to dog training is that it will make doing other activities with your pet much easier. A well behaved pet is easier to take more places and you will then be able to fin more ways in which you can wear them out.

Have Plenty Of Play Sessions

Your puppy might be rowdy because they are seeking your attention. Find the time to give them what they need and you both will benefit.Schedule multiple play sessions over the course of the day to keep the puppy happy.

Playtime will help your puppy bond with you and understand their place in your family. While you re at it, teach them a few simple tricks like rolling over, shaking hands or even playing dead. You know, all the classics.

Feed Them Properly

Diet can make a huge difference in how your puppy behaves. Ever felt hyper after eating a bunch of junk food? It works the same way for canines.

Choose a quality food that will give your puppy the nutrients that they require. Cheap food might seem like a good way to save money but it will come back to haunt you. A quality food may just level out your dogs personality and they contain less filler. That means smaller messes in the yard to clean up.

In many cases, a puppy food is the way to go. Most will contain more protein and fat which your dog needs to grow.

Ask Your Vet For Help

If all else fails, ask your veterinarian for help. Your puppy could be suffering from a condition such as separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety can be difficult to deal with but it can typically be managed with a little training and behavior modification. In most cases this will mean gradually increasing the time that your puppy is left alone until they are comfortable in your absence.

If this training fails to help, your vet may have drug options that can help calm your puppy down. This should be a last resort however.

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