A French Bulldog that probably cost about 2 to 3000 dollars.

How Much Are Frenchies?

Interested in a French Bulldog? They have a number of traits that make them great companion dogs. They are very loyal to their humans, they do not require much physical activity and they tend to bark very little. It makes for a nice pet to curl up on the couch with.

The problem with Frenchies is that they are tough to breed. Their small hip size and small size in general, lead to litters that only consist of 2 to 3 puppies. Many of these litters even have to be performed by C section. This leads to a dog that is expensive to breed which translates into high purchase prices.

The average French Bulldog puppy will go for around $2000 to $3000 and that is for an average dog. With good breeding stock, the price can easily shoot up into the $5000 to $6000 range. Quite a bit of money but well worth it if the breeds temperament fit your style.

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Now that you know how much your new puppy is going to cost, why not look into some of the traits that make this breed so desirable. See what reason appeals to you the most.

About The Breed

First, let’s learn a little bit about the French Bulldog breed including its physical traits and history.

Physical Traits

The French Bulldog is big on love but small in stature. With an average height and weight of about 12 inches and 20 pounds, it is the perfect size to be a lap dog. They require little in the way of exercise or grooming making them a very low maintenance pet. Brush them weekly and take them on the occasional short walk and they will be happy.

The biggest problem that you will typically face with a Frenchie is Dermatitis. This may require more regular baths to remove allergens, being careful to clean the folds and dry your pup thoroughly.


Frenchies are playful and loving dogs. They love to play but can not stand a lot of activity, they will tire quickly.  They tolerate children well although their small size can be a problem with younger and typically rougher younger children. They train relatively well but may be a bit stubborn, the fact that they are often very pampered may not help in this regard.

Health Problems

It seems that every breed has their own unique set of health problems that they can possibly have. French Bulldogs are no different.

The biggest problem that you might face is skin problems. Frenchies are prone to dermatitis and allergies. Not a huge problem but it can make life a little difficult for your pup. Frequent baths are the biggest help, being careful to thoroughly clean the folds of your dog. Also, be sure to thoroughly and gently dry your dog after a bath. For allergies, regular shots or medication could also be beneficial just like they are with humans.

Brachycephalic Syndrome is another possible defect. It can cause upper airway abnormalities that can cause difficulty breathing. If your dog develops this condition, there is no real cure, your only option is to limit the problems it causes. Limit exposure to heat and exercise and teach your dog to calm themselves when they have an attack.

Finally, hip dysplasia is another condition that can affect your pup. It is not unique to Frenchies, many breeds face this issue. Treatment for this condition can range from using an anti inflammatory to controlling weight to full blown surgery. It just depends on the severity of the problem.

Buying A French Bulldog

So, now that you know for sure that you want a French Bulldog, how do you go about getting one.


If you are looking to buy a Frenchie, your only choice should be a professional breeder. Like with all breeds, their are a number of amateur breeders around trying to make a quick dollar on their pup. While one of these breeders might be able to get you a very loving pup, they often charge similar prices to professional breeders and there are a number of reasons to consider a professional.

The biggest benefit to working with a professional is to avoid health problems. A breeder will do their best to not breed animals with hereditary defects such as skin or breathing problems. Buying a puppy from a breeder will improve your chances of obtaining a pet without the typical defects that a French Bulldog might have. This includes skin problems, allergies, hip dysplasia and breathing issues. Look for a breeder willing to provide references and certified medical records.

Frenchies will cost you thousands of dollars no matter if you go through a legitimate breeder or a backyard breeder. It is best to support professionals who strive to maintain the highest standards in breeding to keep genetic problems at bay. Whether you are paying cash or if you are using a loan for your Bulldog, the couple hundred dollars that you save from not using a legit breeder will be barely noticeable.


Another option to consider is a rescue animal. A French Bulldog Rescue can help you find a dog that could use your love. These organizations are dedicated to re-homing animals that need a home. You may not get a puppy but there are a lot of benefits to adopting a juvenile or adult dog.

For starters, you may get a dog that is already trained. Sure puppies are cute but they also come with accidents on the carpet, chewed up shoes and frequent vet visits for shots

In addition, your rescue Frenchie would also more than likely come fixed. That can save you the trouble and paying for what is sometimes a difficult surgery.

Finally, although there usually is a re-homing fee, you would save a lot of money over the thousands of dollars that you would pay for a dog from a breeder. It is the difference between spending several thousand dollars or several hundred dollars.