English Bulldog Running.

How Much Are English Bulldogs?

When a person first starts looking for a pure bred puppy, sticker shock is a real thing. Ethically and responsibly breeding a pure bred dog is a tough thing and a good breeder will charge accordingly.

The last thing that you want to do, when shopping for an English Bulldog, is to shop strictly on price. Having said that, money is a big factor for most of us, so just how much are English Bulldogs?

The Cost Of A Good Bulldog

You can expect to pay anywhere from 1500 to 4000 dollars for a good English Bulldog. A quick search of the AKC Bulldog for sale page confirms this, with the mean price being around 3000 dollars.

While not the most expensive dog out there, they certainly are at the top of the price range. But Why? What makes an English Bulldog so very expensive? Turns out, there are a number of factors that come into play and increase the price.

Breeding Is Difficult

Because of the shape of the body of English Bulldogs, breeding is very difficult. To be blunt, the dogs tire out far before anything productive is done. This leads to the vast majority of breeding being due to artificial insemination. This is a process that is effective but that costs money and the breeder will pass those charges along to you.

Birthing Need Assistance

Not only is breeding difficult, but so is giving birth. Take one good look at the head of the average English Bulldog and you can probably imagine why. Most of these dogs will come via cesarean section. This significantly adds to the cost of breeding and like all businesses, these costs are passed on to you.

Screening Is Costly

A good English Bulldog Breeder will screen the parents of their litters for genetic defects. This helps them to breed out genetic problems and prevent conditions like Hip issues and enlarged hearts. The testing will of course add to the cost and it is something that is considered when asking how much are English Bulldogs. Testing is a big part of what separates a good breeder from a backyard amateur breeder.

Other Costs With English Bulldogs

Finding out how much english bulldogs cost.

It does not matter what kind of dog that you get. English Bulldogs, the ever popular French Bulldog or Chihuahua’s, there will always be other expenses that you need to account for.

First Year Medical Bills

In the first year of life, your new pet will incur the most medical bills and you need to consider that when you think about how much are English Bulldogs, because they can be costly.

Assuming that you will not be breeding your pet, you should have them fixed. Statistically dogs that are spayed or neutered are healthier and live longer. This expense can easily be 1000 dollars alone, depending on your vet and the method used. Less invasive procedures are easier on your pet but much more costly.

Besides the eventual cost of fixing your English Bulldog, you also have a lot of first year vaccinations and health checks. Factor in at least 500 dollars for these.


The last thing that you want to do is pay top dollar for a pure bred pup and then feed them generic kibble. Expect to pay about 40 dollars a month for a decent brand of food plus another 10 dollars or so for some healthy treats. Not a major expense, but this is still around 600 dollars a year, so it is something to consider.

Ongoing Medical Bills

After the first year of life, the medical bills will continue, in the form of routine veterinary checks. They should have at least 2 a year, so factor in 200 dollars a year for regular maintenance.

You should also consider the possibility of emergency medical issues. Things can pop up and English Bulldogs are prone to a few conditions such as hip dysplasia and breathing difficulties. If a problem occurs, yo could end up with a hefty vet bill of 1000 dollars or more. If you do not think that you will have this kind of money on hand, consider pet insurance.

Living With An English Bulldog

Here is a great video on living with an English Bulldgog. Find out if this is the breed for you before spending thousands of dollars.