A person training a Dachsund puppy.

Having Trouble Managing Your Puppy?

The pandemic has seen a boom in many things, including pet ownership. People are working from home more than ever now, so time is no longer an issue.  It seems like everyone just decided that they have the time, so why not get a dog?

This new demand for dogs is great for the rescues, the shelters and of course the breeders, who are jacking up the prices by the way. But are there any problems with the increase in demand? You bet.

The problem is that not everyone who has decided to to get a pet is used to or even ready for pet ownership. A dog is a big responsibility, as many people have seen, perhaps even you.

If you have found yourself in over your head, you are not alone. Here are somethings you can do in order to get your puppy problem under control and your life in order.

Get A Trainer

If you have no experience training a puppy, a dog trainer is the best option out there. Why not rely on the wisdom and knowledge of someone with years or even decades of pet training experience?

A dog trainer can put you on a regimented program that you can follow in order to have a happy and well trained do. They will not only be training your dog, but also you. You will learn tips and techniques to keep your dog obedient and happy.

The only problem with getting a dog trainer is that they have become hard to come by. All of these brand new dog owners have filled up the training rooms. This means that it will be much harder to secure a class for your dog and when you do, the class is likely to be very full.

Virtual Training

Your working from home, so why not train from home?

One of the newest forms of dog training is virtual, usually one on one. All that you do is book an appointment and get a 20 to 30 minute virtual training session. You can schedule as many sessions as you like in order to tailor your training to your dogs needs.

If time is an issue, this is a convenient option because there is no need to travel and you can do everything at home. It will also allow you to start training your dog, even before they have received all of their vaccinations.

Expense will be an issue with virtual training however. As most of the classes will be one on one, you can expect to pay a premium. PetSmart, for example, charges around $40 per session.

Dog Training Videos & Books

If you want to save money and still have a well trained dog, you will need to do some research and turn yourself into a trainer. The way to do that is to educate yourself with dog training videos and books.

YouTube has thousands and thousands of dog training videos. Educate yourself by watching a few of them but do not get ahead of yourself too fast. There is a lot to learn about dog training, so stick to the basics at first. Then, as your dog progresses, you can progress as well.

Should video not be your thing, turn to the written word. Check out a half price book store in your area for a wide selection of dog training books. These are not books that people tend to hold on to, so finding one should not be an issue. If you want to save even more, look no further than your public library.

Join A Group

Last, but certainly not least, why not join a dog owners group. Most larger cities will have organizations for dog lovers of any breed. If you have a German Shepherd, there is a group for that. Got a Maltese, you can find a meet and greet. There is a club for any dog, even mutts.

Joining a club will do two things for you.

First, it will give you a place to take your pet where you can wear them out. A tired pet is a well behaved one.

Additionally, these pet owner groups will help you tap into a pool of knowledge. Most dog breeds have particular character quirks and experienced owners can likely help you learn how to best manage them.

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