Interest in a Great Dane? This gentle giant can be a wonderful addition to your family, but they do come at a cost. But just how much is this cost? Let’s find out how much it costs to buy a Great Dane puppy.

A Great Dane which can fetch hugh prices from breeders.

Cost Of A Great Dane Puppy

The cost of a Great Dane puppy will depend on which type you want. Yes there are 2 types of Great Danes, the American and the European.

American Great Dane Cost

The American Great Dane will be a bit sleeker and lower weight. A typical weight would be in the 110 to 140 pound range. They have smaller heads and are a bit more agile than their Euro kin. They also tend to live a few years longer than a Euro with lifespans in the 10 to 13 year range being common.

You can expect to pay between $800 and $1500 for an American Dane. This is based on research via several online puppy classified websites.

European Great Dane Cost

The Euro Dane is the true giant. They will have much larger and broader heads and will weigh in at over 180 pounds on average. They are much bulkier and show more of the Mastiff breed traits than their American kin. This weight comes at a cost in the form of a shorter lifespan with typical lifespans of 7 to 10 years.

You can expect to pay at least $2000 for a Euro Great Dane with many puppies fetching well over $3000. Prices for puppies are based on an analysis of multiple online puppy classified websites.

Is A Great Dane Right For You?

A full grown Great Dane purchased from a breeder.


Great Danes are a wonderful breed, but they might not be for everyone. Some of the same traits that make them so striking, can also prove to be disadvantages to other. Let’s take a look at some things that you should know before you commit to your first Great Dane.

They Are Big

Obviously, they are big dogs, of the Giant Breed class. You need to consider this before committing because size comes with some complications.

Vet bills, for example will be higher. Vets often charge by the pound and surgeries and procedures will usually be more expensive. Also, because they are bigger medications like heart worm preventative will be more because they simply need more of it.

In addition, you also have to consider transporting your dog. Although a Great Dane will squeeze themselves into any vehicle, an appropriately sized car or SUV will make your life easier.

Bedding is also something to consider. Danes are not big on floors, they like comfort so an appropriately sized dog bed will be needed. If you allow it though, they will be much happier sitting on the couch with you because they love being with their people and consider themselves part of the family.

They Are Loyal

Great Danes lover their people. This makes them a good dog if protection is a concern to you. If raised well, they are by no means aggressive, but they will step up to the plate if they feel that their people are in danger.

Luckily, their size and deepness of bark does the job for the Great Dane in most cases. An intruder or anyone looking to do their people harm would think twice before tangling with a Great Dane.

This loyalty comes with another side effect and that is that your Dane will almost always want to be beside you. They want to be part of the family and this often means being under foot (if a Dane really could be under foot).

That also means that they need a lot of attention. They are not a dog that would be content to be home by themselves all of the time.

As long as you want a loyal dog who will be beside you all of the time and you have enough time to be with your Dane, this loyalty can be a great thing.

They Need Moderate Exercise

Great Danes by nature will tend to be a bit lazy but they do need exercise. It is often up to the pet owner to initiate this as a Great Dane is usually content to just lay on the couch next to you, although they will usually be leaning on you.

Unlike very active dogs like German Shepherds, they will not demand to play or go on walks, but they still need it. A couple walks a day is usually sufficient which, by the way, also makes the Great Dane an excellent apartment dog.

Raising A Great Dane

A Great Dane is not your average dog. There are some things that you need to be aware of when raising your Dane.

Feeding Your Dog

Free feeding is not a good idea with a Great Dane. Their bones need time to properly develop and puppies have voracious appetites. They do not regulate themselves very well and too much food means too much growth.

Growth needs to be carefully controlled with a Great Dane because if they grow too fast, they can develop bone problems such as Wobbler disease.

Great Danes & Bloat

Another reason to regulate food consumption is bloat. Because of their large chest cavities, Danes are susceptible to bloat, a life threatening situation where their stomach flips over. This can kill your Dane in hours.

Feed your dog according to a feeding schedule and make sure that they rest before and after eating.