An example of a small dog.

Go Small Or Go Home

Trying to decide what size of dog to get? It might just be in your best interest to get a small dog. They have a lot of advantages.

Reasons To Get A Small Dog

What Is A Small Dog?

First, what is a small dog? In general, if a dog has an adult weight of under30 pounds, it is a small breed dog. For the purpose of this article, it could be any adult weight from 5 pounds to 30 pounds.

With that out of the way, let’s look at the benefits of petite pets.

Benefits Of Small Dogs

  1. Less Mess To Clean Up
    Sure, small dogs can be slightly more difficult to train, but when a small dog has an accident, it is a tiny accident. Less mess means that the problem will be easier to clean and it will do less damage to your home.
  2. Less Walking To Do
    Large dogs need a lot more exercise. They have big strides and a lot of energy. Little dogs, with their little strides simply can not walk as far. If you are not into long walks, a small dog might be a good choice.
  3. You Can Take It With You More
    Smaller dogs are easier to take with you. They fit in any size car and are more welcome at hotels than big dogs.
  4. They Get Into Less Trouble
    A small dog is very limited in the amount of trouble that they an get into. They can not reach the counter and likely can not even reach the coffee table. This makes them less likely to steal a treat or tear something up.
  5. Small Dogs Live Longer
    Many small breeds live twice as long as some of the larger breed dogs. Compare Chihuahuas and Great Danes. Chihuahuas are known to live over 15 years while Danes live about 8 years on average.
  6. Tiny Mouths Cause Less Damage
    Every dog is going to do some chewing. Small dogs are no different. But, while a German Shepherd could ruin a pair of shoes in minutes, it would take your small Pomeranian days or weeks.
  7. Easier To Cuddle With
    If a small dog lays on you, you will barely notice it, making them the perfect size for cuddling. Try that with a Saint Bernard.
  8. They are Easier To Groom
    You can simply put a small dog in your kitchen sink to give it a bath. Big dogs require a full size tub, if you can even get them in there.
  9. Cheaper Vet Bills
    Many vet procedures are priced by the pound. When you go to pay the bill for your spaying or neutering, you will be happy you went small.
  10. Medicine Will Be Cheaper
    It is not only vet bills that will be cheaper, but also medicine. They will need smaller amounts of drugs like flea and tick treatments making the price for meds substantially lower.

There you have it, 10 reasons to get a small dog. What do you think? Are you convinced? let us know.

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