A puppy who had a urine accident.

Getting Rid Of Puppy Urine Odor

Getting a new puppy is a wonderful experience, mostly. We will be the first to admit that not every step along the way will be fun. High on the list of non-fun aspects of getting a puppy is potty training. There will be accidents, guaranteed.

When an accident happens in your home, you need to be prepared to take care of it just as soon as possible. To some extent, the odor left in your home can harm potty training. If they smell their odor in your home, they are far more likely to keep marking.

But how do you get rid of puppy urine odor? Actually, it is not as hard as you might think. Here are a few options to get the odor out of your carpet.

White Vinegar

This is the cheapest and easiest method of getting rid of the owner and, as long as you have a small puppy, it should work.

Simply take white distilled vinegar and mix it with three parts water. Mist this solution on the puppy urine spot with a trigger sprayer and let it sit for a few seconds. Then, blot the vinegar solution up and repeat if necessary.

Be sure not to apply too much of the cleaning solution and always dab, never rub your carpet.

If you have a small dog like a French Bulldog, this method should work very well because the urine will probably not get past the surface of your carpet. With bigger dogs or older problems though, you might need to be a bit more aggressive.

Enzyme Cleaners

For larger problems or those that have penetrated the backing of the carpet, you will need to be a bit more aggressive.

Enzyme cleaners work by breaking down the organic matter in puppy urine. Since it is the bacteria feeding on this material that causes an odor, removing it will remove the odor.

Enzyme cleaners can be purchased from most pet supply stores, with a popular brand being Outright. Follow label directions for best results, but here are the basics.

Mix up a solution and apply it to the spot. You will have to apply enough to reach any organic material that may be lurking in the carpet padding. Once you have wet the area, you let the solution be so that it can do its job. This may take some time, so your carpet will need to remain wet for hours, if not days.

Padding Replacement

So, what if the problem is so bad that the enzyme products do not do the job? Your next option would be to consider replacing the carpet padding.

Carpet padding is designed to make the floor soft on the foot to protect both us and the carpet. It is a spongy material that gets this job done but acts like, well a sponge. This traps and holds urine and if there is enough of it, the only real choice is to replace the padding.

If you are handy and the area is small, carpet padding is relatively simple to replace and can be found at most home improvement stores. If you have a large area or are not a handy person, call in a professional.

Professional Cleaning

If you still can not get that odor out of the carpet, it may be time to call in a professional.

Professional carpet cleaners have the equipment, chemicals and know how to handle the worst of puppy urine odors. Yes, carpet cleaning can be expensive, but the price is worth it.

With pet treatment, expect to pay $50 to $60 per room with a legitimate carpet cleaner. When you consider just how much your homes carpet costs, this price is a steal.

Masking The Odor

Should all else fails, masking the odor might be the solution for you.

Sometimes, even after a professional cleaning, there might be just a little bit of organic material left behind. This will cause odor, but it should eventually go away or become unnoticeable. This is because there is only so much organic matter left to consume by bacteria. Once it is gone, the odor will be gone too.

In the meantime, make your home more pleasant by covering the odor. These days you have a lot of options as far as ways to do this. Use potpourri, a plugin or a preferred fragrance device of your own.

In Conclusion

Puppy urine odor is a big deal, but there are many different ways to take care of the issue. Use the one that make sense to you and then get back to enjoying that new puppy you financed. They will be big before you know it.

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