Get Pet Loans For Bad Credit

If you need money for a new pet but have less than ideal credit, we may be able to help. Take a minute and get a free, zero obligation quote. If approved, a lender will make you an offer for the money that you need and you may be able to get that approval, even with bad credit.

Puppies from bad credit pet loans.

Getting Your Pet Loan Offer

Getting that offer is easier than you think, even if you have bad credit. We can help you get it because we are not direct lenders. We do not make credit decisions, instead we get you access to a very large group of lenders online. This is good because the more lenders, the more chances of getting an approval. Ready to get started? Here is how the process will work.

Step One

First, you will need to fill out the quote form located at the top of the page. Begin with the amount of money that you think you will need. If approved, your lender will deposit cash in that amount into your bank account. That will allow you to shop for your pet just like any other cash buyer.

Consider how much you request carefully. Pets are more expensive than you think, especially high demand dogs. A typical French Bulldog loan, for example, can easily go over 3000 dollars because of how costly they are.

Once you have an amount, enter it and the rest of your information. The form is brief and you will only need some basic contact information and information about how you make money. Your banking information will also be requested because this is how your lender will fund your loan. If you accept an offer, they will deposit money right into your account.

Step Two

After entering your information, agree to the terms of service and then submit it for approval.

If approved for a loan, a single lender will make you a pet loan offer. You will be directed to their website where you can review the offer and make your loan decision.

Your lender will provide you with all of the details of the loan, so read carefully. Make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into and how much this loan will end up costing you. Remember, a pet loan is a luxury and not a necessity. In addition, if you have bad credit, it could be a costly loan.

Step Three

Now it is time to make a decision on your bad credit pet loan. If you decide to accept your financing offer, you can have your money in your account as soon as the next day. Choose not to take the loan and you can simply walk away.

If you do accept an offer, you can start shopping for your pet just as soon as the money gets into your account. It will be electronically deposited and available for immediate use

Consider This About Your Pet Loan

A pet loan, especially one with bad credit is nothing to take lightly. You might be able to get a good loan offer or it might be something that you should pass on. Here are some things to consider.

Can You Afford The Loan?

We love our pets, but do not let your love for a new puppy interfere with your judgement. Take a look at the loan payment and fit it into your budget. Is there enough money left over to pay the rest of your bills or are things going to be tight. Do not make the mistake of assuming that the money to pay for the loan is just going to come out of thin air.

If things are going to be tight, it might be best to pass on the puppy. Sure, you really want that English Bulldog pup or Standard Poodle but it can wait until times get better.

Is The Loan A Bad Deal?

Just because you get approved for an offer and just because you can afford it does not mean that you should accept it.

A bad deal is simply a bad deal no matter how you look at it. Take a look at the total cost of the loan and see if it makes sense. Set your desire for a dog aside and take a logical look at the situation and the offer.

Do You Have Other Options?

Last but not least, do you have other options besides a pet loan. Maybe you could borrow from a friend, continue to save or adopt a rescue animal. There are lot of animals waiting to be rescued at local animal shelters and with rescue organizations. Many of these animals will even be pure breeds.