Frenc bulldogs sleeping.

Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

Everyone around here loves French Bulldogs or Frenchies. If you are a Frenchie lover, you probably know a lot about the breed, but do you know everything.

Take a look at some fun facts about this tiny breed that you might not know.

  1. They Were Bred To Love You
    The breed was bred to be a companion animal, mainly gaining in popularity for its ability to be the perfect lap dog. Small, good natured and not a big barker, they make great pets that won’t annoy you. They also do not require much exercise making them a rather low maintenance animal.
  2. They Originated From English Bulldogs
    French Bulldogs did not originate in France. No, they originated from a toy version of the English Bulldog. A few made their way to France where they were crossed with other breeds like the pug, eventually resulting in the current toy dog that we have today.
  3. Frenchies Love To Talk
    If you are an owner of one, you know that they do not bark much but they sure do talk. They will yip and gurgle with you as though you are really having a conversation.
  4. Most Dogs Are Artificially Inseminated
    Do to their shape, size and the fact that they get tired so quick, normal copulation is not common. Most bulldog puppies that you will find came to life through artificial means.
  5. They Came To The US In The Late 1800’s
    First introduce in America in the late 19th century, the breed quickly became very popular and earned the nickname Frenchie for the first time.
  6. Two Ear Styles Are Common
    The breed comes with two basic types of ears. The “bat ears” are an American breeder standard and the “rose ears” like the English Bulldog are the European standard.
  7. They Have To Stay Slim
    In order to meet the breed standard, a French Bulldog can be no more than 28 pounds. Any more than that and they are disqualified, in shows at least.
  8. One Was On The Titanic
    Being a very popular breed their owners often traveled with them. Robert Daniel was traveling with his prize show dog when the ship went down. They would both survive.
  9. Frenchies Are In The Top 5
    The breed has become very popular once again and ranks consistently as one of the top 5 favorite dogs. Depending on the city, it even comes in as number one in popularity.
  10. They Come In 9 Colors
    There are 9 official colors of the breed. Choose from brindle, brindle and white,, fawn, fawn and white, fawn brindle, cream, white, white and brindle or white and fawn. Quite a variety.

There you have it, 10 fun facts about French Bulldogs.