A French Bulldog after a bath.

French Bulldog Grooming Needs

Every dog is different when it comes to grooming needs. Needs can range from a bath every now and then to daily brushing and grooming appointments. If you are looking at French Bulldog puppies at the moment, you need to know what you are getting into. So, just what are the grooming needs of Frenchies? Let’s find out.

Overall, your French Bulldog will be a very easy dog to care for, with just a few issues. Let’s take a look at the biggest categories of pet grooming.


The French Bulldog has fairly fine and short hair. Like all dogs they do groom but given their small size and the nature of their hair, you will hardly notice it. An occasional brushing is all that you need to do to keep shedding under control and your dog’s coat looking nice.


These are not oily sporting dogs so fortunately, you are not going to need to bath your Frenchie on a weekly basis. Bath them when they get soiled or even smelly. In general, once a month will do quite nicely.

When it is bath time, you have to use great care with a French Bulldog. One of the biggest things that they are susceptible to is skin disorders. This means that you need to make sure to use a quality hypoallergenic dog shampoo.

Another consideration is the folds on your Frenchie. The folds on the face can actually trap moisture leading to a skin infection. Try to avoid the face when bathing and instead use puppy wipes to clean out the folds. You can find these wipes at most pet stores and they are designed for sensitive canine skin.

Lastly, if you have a light colored dog, you may have to keep an eye on redness developing under their eyes. Canine tear ducts will also release a faint amount of blood which can cause skin under the eye to become stained pink. They sell pet eye wipes to deal with this.

So, as you can see, with bathing you have good and bad. No, they do not require frequent baths but baths require more time and greater care.

Hair Cuts

This is not a Standard Poodle, so your Frenchie should never need a haircut. Their hair is naturally short and fine and should be left alone. it serves to protect their very delicate spin.

The only time that you would ever need to cut a Frenchies hair is if they developed a “hot spot” or localized skin infection. In this case, a veterinarian might choose to shave the skin around the infection to help it heal. Leave the decision to shave your Frenchie up to a qualified veterinarian.


All dogs will generally need their nails cut back from time to time. This is particularly true of dogs who are not as active like your French Bulldog. Nails are easy to manage if you stay on top of them.

Cut off a little bit of the tip of the nail once a month. Be careful not too cut too much at one time as you could cut into the quick which is the soft center of a nail containing blood vessels and nerves. If you cut a little bit of nail on a regular basis, you prevent having to cut too much, potential exposing the quick.


Ears on all dogs should be cleaned on a regular basis. A regular wipe with a damp, soft cloth should do the trick.

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