French Bulldog Breeders Offering Financing

If you want a French Bulldog, but want financing, you are probably inclined to look for a breeder that offers financing. This is a huge mistake, because most legit breeders do not offer financing. This is where we come in.

We can help you get a cash offer for the money that you need. If you accept a loan, you can then shop for your Frenchie like a cash buyer. Choose any breeder that you want, based on the quality of the breeder not just the ability to finance. Ready to get started? Just choose how much you expect to spend.

French Bulldogs from a breeder that offered financing.

French Bulldog Payment Plans

An online home can help you afford your French Bulldog by allowing you to make small payments instead of having to come out of payment thousands of dollars. With the average French Bulldog costing at least 3000 dollars, this is a huge thing.

If you are ready to get your financing offer, here is how it works.

First, you need to select how much you expect to need for your Frenchie. This is a cash loan, so you can ask for whatever amount that you like. Be sure to consider the cost of purchasing your puppy as well as the first year expenses such as vet care and vaccinations.

Next, you will enter in some information about yourself and your income. Then, enter your banking information. This will be needed if you decide to accept a loan offer because that is how your lender will send you the money.

Once you are done, submit your form and get your answer. If approved, one lender will make you a loan offer. You will then visit their website where you can review the offer and make your decision.

If you decide to accept a loan offer, you can generally complete everything online. The lender will then go about getting you your money. This can happen as soon as the very next business say. You are then free to find a French Bulldog breeder and get your new puppy.

Benefits Of Online Financing

There are a number of benefits to looking for online financing instead of searching out a French Bulldog breeders that offers financing. Here are just a few.

  • Better Odds Of Approval
    Getting an approval online is often much easier because there are more lenders online. Many of these lenders are even used to working with no credit or bad credit.
  • Get More Money
    With an online loan, you can get more money than you need for just the French Bulldog purchase. This could give you money to pay for all of the initial extra purchases or money to pay for first year expenses. First year medical expenses alone can cost 1000 dollars or more.
  • Choose Any Breeder You Like
    Not many breeders offer financing, so looking for one that does will severely limit you. This is not a good thing because you want the ability to choose your breeder by quality and reputation.
  • Convenience
    It takes just minutes to get an offer online. If you are approved and you accept an offer, your lender will put money right into your bank account. It could not be easier or more convenient.

Choosing Your French Bulldog Breeder

Once you have your money, it is time to choose your puppy. Since you are not limited to French Bulldog puppy breeders offering financing, this will be a big decision. Here are some things to look for.

  • References
    A good breeder will likely have many references that they can provide you. When someone loves their new dog, they are often eager to tell people about it, so contacting owners of your breeders puppies will be very beneficial.
  • Competence
    Quiz your breeder about Frenchies. If you are new to the breed, you probably do not know everything and use this as a learning experience. A good breeder will be very familiar with the breed and will have gone out of the ay to educate themselves.
  • Clean Facility
    Take a look at where the new puppies are being raised. Is it clean and are the dogs well taken care of. Smelly and dirty living conditions would be obvious signs of neglect.
  • Healthy Dam & Sire
    When you tour the breeders facility, you should be given the opportunity to meet the Dam and Sire of the litter you are interested in. This will be the best indication of how your puppy will be as an adult. Are they friendly, confident and well mannered?
  • Health Guarantee
    Many breeders will offer you a health guarantee for the first year of life. If they offer this kind of guarantee it is usually because they are confident in their animals. It means that they have screened the parent dogs and do their best to rule out genetic issues.
  • In Demand
    A good breeder will have built up a reputation and will be in demand. This might mean that you have to wait a bit to get your dog, but that will be well worth it. It is better to wait and take home a healthy Frenchie rather than one that was a result of over-breeding.