A puppy from a good breeder.

Finding A Good Breeder

If you are new to the world of pure bred puppies, you might not realize just how hard it is to find a breeder. Pure bred puppies are expensive and because of this, a lot of people are in the business who maybe should not be.

What you are likely to encounter in your search is what is known as the “back yard breeder”. These are people who just decided to breed their full bred dog, usually with no experience. While most of these breeders are well meaning, they are usually unaware of what it really takes to successfully breed.

I myself found myself victim to a well meaning “backyard breeder”. In my case it was a Great Dane puppy who died at 6 months from heart failure.  I learned a very tough lesson.

Choose A Good Breeder

If you want to find an animal that is healthy and more likely to be free of genetic defects, you want to go with an experienced breeder.

But how do you find a good breeder? Here are some tips.

Meet Your Breeder

First and foremost, a successful puppy purchase begins by meeting your breeder. A good breeder will be happy to show you around their facility. Meet their animals and see how they behave. Both puppies and adult dogs should be friendly and the kennel should be clean and well kept.

If an in person is not possible, a live video tour should suffice. You should still be able to get an idea of the facility where the dogs are being raised and the temperament of the breeders animals.

Meet The Parents

This is a must. You must see the parents of the puppy you are potentially buying. How else can you know what you are getting? Puppies will usually be similar in size and temperament to their parents so this is crucial. A good breeder is proud of their dogs and would be more than happy to intriduce you to a puppies parents.

Get Health Records

Breeders who are responsible and know what they are doing will have their animals screened for genetic defects and health problems. This is done in an effort to breed out these negative characteristics. If a breeder does not do this, you are much more likely to get an animal with health problems such as Hip Dysplasia.

Get Referrals

Other dog lovers may be one of your best resources for finding a good breeder. Join pet forums, read posts and ask questions. Doing so may not only help you find a great breeder, it might also help to educate you on the breed. The more that you know about a particular breed, the more likely you are to be able to spot defects or problems with the breeder.

Be Patient

Above all else, be patient when looking for a new puppy, especially if you are financing your puppy. Financing gives you the opportunity to do things right by giving you the funds that you need. Make sure you get the right dog.

So, do your research, educate yourself and understand that this will be a long time friend and family member. If you have to take a few months to find the right dog, it might be well worth it.