Pure bred puppies come at a price, that is most definitely true and if you are wondering how much are English Bulldogs, you will find out that they are not cheap. But how much is an English Bulldog exactly? Let’s take a look.

An English Bulldog curiously looks on.

Cost Of An English Bulldog


The price of an English Bulldog will vary greatly depending on what exactly you are looking for out of your pet. Do you just want a good companion, are you looking for the full puppy experience or is a show dog in your future. Here is what you can expect, depending on your intent.

An English Bulldog As A Companion – $300 to $500

If you are simply looking for a companion animal, a rescue English Bulldog would be a good choice. Contact a local rescue organization and see what kind of dogs are looking for a home. Most will have adoption fees in the $300 to $500 range.

Chances are that your dog will be a bit older when you go with a rescue but going this route has a number of advantages.

The chief advantage is that you will save a lot of money, thousands of dollars. There is a small adoption fee but this helps the charity and often goes towards the cost of spaying or neutering.

Another advantage of adopting a Bulldog from a rescue is that your pet will probably be through the tough puppy years. Puppies are cute but you have to deal with potty training and teething. That can be very destructive.

The Bulldog Puppy Experience – $1500 to $3000

A mature dog is great, but what if you want the whole English Bulldog puppy experience. They are cute when they are little but this will cost you a bit more. So, how much are English Bulldogs as a puppy?

According to the AKC Marketplace, at the time this article was written, you could expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $3000 for a pet quality animal. By pet quality, we mean in good health and from a good breeder. This is your average Bulldog puppy but not one that will be show quality.

For most people, this is the English Bulldog that they want. Just be sure to go with a good breeder. A good breeder will screen for genetic problems and properly care for their pups. Do not undervalue the benefit of going with someone who has experience. most “backyard breeders” mean well but often make mistakes due to inexperience.

Show Quality Bulldogs – $4000 plus

If you intend to show your English Bulldog, you can expect to pay $4000 or more for a quality puppy from award winning lineage. Pricey, yes but these animals are selectively bred so you are paying for quality and rarity.

The additional cost of your puppy should also cover the full registration of the animal which will allow you to breed them and allow the pups to be registered.

Apuppy with a high cost is an English Bulldog.

Is An English Bulldog A Good Fit?


Now that you know the cost of an English Bulldog puppy, let’s consider whether this is the right kind of dog for you. Not every dog is for every person.

If you are looking for a dog that you can go run with and that wants to play all day, this is not it, get a German Shepherd. If you want a sweet companion that essentially wants to chill all day, this might be the dog for you.

Physical Traits

The English Bulldog has a very unique appearance. Short and stocky with a short face. The average weight is around 50 pounds with males weighing just a few pounds more than females of the breed.

They have short hair that requires very little grooming and have a strong tendency to drool. Because of the short, brachycephalic face, they also tend to snore so hopefully you find this cute.


This is a typically laid back dog with a very low tendency to bark or dig. Those things take energy and the English bulldog is not about expending it without a good reason.

They make great family pets who love their people and they are a bit protective. They will alert for intruders and can be aggressive towards other dogs, so keep that in mind.


Maintenance seems like a very affectionate term, but it is work after all. You need to choose a dog that fits the amount of time and energy that you can give to it.

The English Bulldog is well suited for someone who does not have a lot of time or energy to devote to puppy maintenance. This is not to say that you should ignore your pet though, they still need lots of love.

What they do not need is a lot of maintenance. Just 20 minutes or so of exercise a day will do and their coat needs very little grooming. The only thing that you really need to do regularly is clean out the wrinkles in their face to keep them clean and healthy.