Chihuahua Puppy Financing

Need financing for a Chihuahua? Most breeders do not finance. Let help you get a cash offer for puppy financing. Shop any breeder you like. How much do you need?

A puppy that was brough home with Chihuahua financing.

How Chihuahua Financing Works

The process of getting a quote for Chihuahua financing is rather straight forward. First though, you should know that we are not lenders. Instead, we can help you get an offer from one of the lenders in an extensive online group of lenders. Since it is a large group, your odds of getting an approval are better, even with bad credit.

So, how do you get that quote for your Chihuahua puppy loan? It just takes a few steps.

First, you should head up to the top of the page and fill out the short quotation form. All that you will need is some basic information like how much you expect to need and how you make your money. Once you are done, give it all a quick once over and submit it to the lender group.

Once your form has been submitted, you simply wait for your answer which should come in just a matter of minutes, in most cases. If approved for an offer, you will be directed to the website of the one lender that makes you an offer. There, you will be given an opportunity to review all of the details of the loan for your Chihuahua. Make sure that you understand everything and if needed, ask your lender for clarity.

The last step is to decide if you want to accept your offer for Chihuahua financing. If you like the offer, you can accept the money and have it in your bank account as soon as the next business day.  If you do not like the offer, just turn it down. There is no obligation.

That is it, pretty simple and no obligation. Should everything work out for you, you could be holding your new Chihuahua in a matter of days.

Why Online Puppy Loans

It might seem odd to some to finance a puppy, but it is very common and for good reason. Pure bred dogs are costing more and more these days. Some breeds like English Bulldogs or Frenchies can go for 4000 dollars or higher for a single puppy. Not everyone has that kind of money just lying around, thus the puppy loan.

If you are on the fence about whether to finance your Chihuahua, here are a few reasons why it might make sense for you.

You Can Avoid Pet Shops

Without online financing, you might have to turn to pet shop in house financing. This is bad for a number of reasons.

First, you would be stuck buying a Chihuahua from a sketchy source. That is, of course if you can find a pure bred dog. Most shops are starting to sell mixed breed dogs labeled as designer dogs.

Second, a pet shop will typically use one finance service and that may make it harder to qualify. One lender means only one set of qualifications that you have to meet. Don’t fit the mold, get denied.

Buy Your Chihuahua With Cash

If you get an online loan, your lender will deposit money directly into your local bank account. This gives you the power to shop just like any other cash buyer.

With cash, you can go straight to a breeder and if necessary, put down a deposit on an upcoming lender. It also allows you to use any excess money to pay for those extra expenses that Chihuahuas come with. Things like vets, food, bedding and even pet sitting cost money and lots of it.

Bad Credit Is OK

The great thing about getting a quote online is that there are more lenders. While you will only get a quote from one of these lenders, having more available means that your odds are improved. If you have bad credit, you may be able to get a Yes even if you have heard No before.

You Can Request Additional Money

Dogs are expensive and Chihuahuas are no different. After the initial cost of the dog itself, you can easily end up spending an additional 1000 to 2000 dollars in the first year. Sound like a lot? Think about it for a minute.

After you purchase the puppy, you have to pay for food, bedding, vaccines, scheduled vet visits and eventually a spay or neuter. This can easily add up to well over 1000 dollars.

With an online loan, you can request the amount that you need to cover your purchase price plus the cost of these extra expenses.