German Shepherds that wer not purchased cheap.

Cheap German Shepherds

Looking For cheap German Shepherds. This search you just made makes you a target for scammers, so look out.

There is no such thing as a quality cheap German Shepherd dog and those websites advertising them are likely trying to scam you. They want to lure you in with pictures of cute and affordable puppies so that they can convince you to wire them money. They promise your puppy is being shipped and might even give you an arrival date at a local airport, but the puppy will never come.

If you want a real German Shepherd from a quality local breeder, let us help. Get a quote for German Shepherd financing and get a loan from an online lender for your puppy. If you are approved and accept a loan, you can shop any breeder as a cash buyer.

Quotes are secure and there is no obligation, but if you just want to learn how to spot a scammer, keep reading.

Spotting A Fake German Shepherd Breeder

Scammers count on two things. Your desire to get a puppy and your even greater desire to not miss out on a great deal. They try to lure you in and pressure you to act fast, before you wise up. Go in with open eyes and spot the clear signs of a scam, like the ones below.

Incredibly Low Price

You can expect to pay about 1500 dollars for a good German Shepherd from a legitimate breeder. This will be a dog that was properly raised from a Dam and Sire that have been screened for genetic issues.

The scammer will list their cheap German Shepherds for much cheaper, usually around $500. You are not going to get a quality full bred GSD for that price.

Lots Of Puppies Available Now

With a good breeder, puppies are spoken for very quickly, usually before they are weened. Scammer websites typically list many puppies, often 5 or more, that are ready to go right away. This is a sure sign of a scam. A real breeder might have one or two available if they had a big litter, but having more than half a dozen is a warning sign.

They Stress Shipping Your Dog

A good breeder is really going to want you to come pick up their dog. A scammer can not offer this because they do not have the puppies and they are likely not living in this country. They will want to ship your cheap German Shepherd. It will be the only option

Poor Contact Information

There will be a general lack of information on a scammers website. They will almost never have an address and if they do, it will be fake. A quick online search of the address will reveal this.

The good scammers will have a local phone number, but keep in mind that you can get a local number for any city in the county for $10 a month. They just forward that number to their cell phone.

Most will want you to use a contact form to get in contact with them. Email is an easier way for them to communicate with you, especially if they are not a native speaker.

They Want A Wire Transfer

Credit cards are typically a big no no or scammers pushing cheap German Shepherd puppies. It is far too easy to do a chargeback on a credit card. In addition, getting a merchant account (required to process credit cards) requires additional security checks.

Wire or bank transfers are the preferred method of payment and they will pressure you to send it quick. They will prey on your desire to get that uppy reserved or may even offer an even lower price if you pay quickly.

Stolen Images On Their Website

They do not have puppies, so they have to steal the images and they usually use pretty cute ones. You can detect this with a quick google search, here:

Google actually lets you search for images. Just paste the url to the image or drag and drop the image. If it is a scam, it will probably find the legit owner of that puppy or you will find the picture used on multiple different properties.

About German Shepherd Puppy Financing

Now that you know about the scammers, let’s look at how you can get financing for a puppy from a legitimate breeder.

We can help you get a new puppy financing offer online and if approved, your lender will deposit funds directly into your account. Since most breeders do not like working with financing, this allows you to shop as a cash buyer. Shop any breeder that you want.

Once money is in your account you can shop for any breed that you like. This could be a German Shepherd, a Great Dane or any breed that strikes your fancy.

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