An image of a bulldog that is not a cheap english bulldog puppy.

Cheap English Bulldogs

Looking for cheap English Bulldog puppies? Prepare to sort through the scammers.

A quick look at the top search engine results for “cheap English Bulldogs” quickly reveals a number of websites that are interested in taking your money. Bulldogs do not come cheap and there is no reason that a legitimate breeder would sell one for under $1000 when the average price right now is $3000.

If you want a real English Bulldog, we can help you with English Bulldog puppy financing and you can get a free offer online.

Otherwise, here is how you can spot the scammers.

Spotting An English Bulldog Scam

If you look at a website with your eyes open, it is easy to spot the scammers. Put aside that burning desire to get that Bulldog puppy and you can spot the signs of a scam easily. Here are some things that should pop out at you about those cheap English Bulldogs.

Super Low Price

The first thing that you will notice is a price that is super low compared to other breeders. Wow, lucky you for finding an English Bulldog for $570 when every local breeder is selling them for $3000.

This is just not going to happen. Why would a breeder sell a puppy at a huge discount when there is no lack of buyers at the full price. They can sell their puppies all day long for $3000, so there is no reason to sell them at a discount.

In addition, you also often have an odd number, designed to get your attention. Why $570, why not list if at a round number like $600. They probably did testing and realized that odd numbers attract your attention more.

Many Available Puppies To Choose From

Again, maybe you just got lucky and found a breeder with 5 available puppies that are weened and ready to go right now.

No, this is never going to happen. Puppies are usually spoken for well before they are weened, often before they are born. If you find multiple puppies that are ready to ship right now,

They Want To Ship You A Dog

Speaking of shipping, why are they emphasizing shipping their cheap English Bulldogs so much. It is because they have no real address, in the United States at least.

Speaking of addresses, where is there address. Wouldn’t a legitimate breeder have an address? Most of the scam websites will not have a real address, but some will fake one. A quick online search for this address should reveal the truth.

As for phone numbers, this is easy to fake. You can get a phone number for any city in the United States for $5 to $10 and have it forwarded to your cell phone.

No Credit Cards Accepted

The preferred payment method for scammers is not the credit card because it can be charged back and it is harder for con artists to get a merchant account.

Most will ask you to wire the money, mail them a money order or make a bank deposit. Once they have these funds, you are not going to get it back.

They Use Stolen Images

A scammer does not actually have any puppies, so they need to steal the images for their website. This is easy to detect with a little work because Google actually allows you to search images.

Simply copy the image and drop it in the search box or type in the URL to the image. Do so, and you will likely see the image used all over the internet or maybe even the website for the real breeder.

Open Eyes Spot Lies

What these con artists are counting on is your burning desire to get a cute little puppy and your even greater desire to save a ton of money. If you make the mistake of contacting them, they will pressure you to send money right away and, if you do, what you will get in return is an empty promise. Don’t be a victim.

If you really want a puppy, let us help you get a financing offer for the puppy that you want. Get a free quote and if approved, your lender will send money directly to your account. You can then shop any legitimate breeder as a cash buyer, Use your money to buy an English Bulldog, to buy a French Bulldog or any breed that strikes your fancy.

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