A Chihuahua puppy who was not purchased cheap

Cheap Chihuahua Puppies

If you are looking for cheap Chihuahua puppies, you need to be on guard for scammers.

Cheap puppy scams are one of the hottest things right now. Con artists from overseas are creating websites and even advertising them with services like Google Ads. On the surface, they look legitimate but, dig deeper and you can see the obvious signs of deception.

You can expect to pay between 1000 and 2000 dollars for a Chihuahua from a legit breeder. Sound like a lot of money? We can help you with Chihuahua financing.

Still want to look for a cheap Chihuahua puppy? Here is how to spot the scams.

Signs Of A Chihuahua Scam Website

It is actually rather easy to spot a scam website if you just take your blinders off. Put aside your lust for a great deal and your desire for a cute Chihuahua puppy. Take a look at some obvious signs of a scam.

Unusually Low Price

Why would a breeder sell a Chihuahua cheap for $400 when they can get $1000 for it. No, they do not have going out of business sales and they do not get overstocked with Chihuahuas.

So, a super low price is a warning sign, right along with odd prices. Why list a dog for sale for $390 when you could just round up to the nearest hundred. It is to get your attention and it is a sign of a scam.

Too Many Dogs

Breeders seldom have a half a dozen or more dogs available and ready to go. The scam websites always seem to have a large number of puppies, in every possible color, ready to go now.

The truth is that by the time puppies are weened, most of them will have been claimed. If you see too good of a selection, you should be cautious.

Shipping Is Necessary

Most breeders would prefer that you pick up your dog. This would be inconvenient for a scammer since they are likely located in Nigeria and of course, because they have no Chihuahuas in the first place.

If they stress shipping, this is a warning sign. If you proceed, you will likely be given flight information but will end up at the airport waiting for someone who will never arrive.

Little Contact Information

You will rarely see an address on a scam website. If there is one present, it will be fake and can easily be checked with a search engine search.

Phone numbers are very easily spoofed. You can actually secure a phone number for any city in the Unites States for $10 a month. Then the number is simply forwarded to any cellular phone, in this country or any country.

Wire Transfer Requested

Scammers do not like credit cards. It is far too easy to do a chargeback. Wire transfers, on the other hand are quick ans easy. Once you wire money, it is gone,

Scammers will usually ask you to wire money or do a banks transfer. A sure sign of a scam since most people, especially breeders do not do wire transfers often.

Fake Puppy Pictures

If you notice that the pictures are just too cute ,it is probably because the images are stolen. Luckily, with the help of Google, this is easy to prove. Just so an image search. Either drag and drop the image or enter the URL in an image search at the address below.


If the image is stolen, you will find the original owner or find the image scattered all over the internet.

Be Smart

What these scammers hope to do is capitalize on your desire for a cute puppy and your want to jump on  a great deal. Realize that once in a lifetime deals just do not happen with puppies. Stay smart and do not fall for a too good to believe deal on cheap Chihuahua puppies.

Instead, save your money and get a real puppy from a legitimate Chihuahua breeder. chihuah

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