A french bulldog in the heat.

Caring For Your French Bulldog

Despite their cost, the French Bulldog continues to be one of the most popular breeds in America.  You would think that the $5000 price tags that many of these dogs come with would be a deterrent to ownership, but it is not. Of course, French Bulldog Financing helps.

Many of the new French Bulldog owners out there have no idea what they are getting themselves into. The Frenchie is a great dog, but they do have a few quirks with their personalities and their care. Take a look.

Grooming Needs

With short coats, they need little care in the way of brushing. A quick going over with a quality puppy brush will do the trick. Choose something soft and not too aggressive as they have delicate skin. Twice a year, they will shed but it is not much of a mess.

The loose skin is the real grooming issue with a Frenchie. After baths, it is very important to make sure that all of the moisture under the flaps get removed to prevent bacteria growth. Between baths, use a pet wipe to clean out the flaps so that their skin stays nice and healthy.

When you do bathe your Bulldog, be sure to use a quality hypo allergenic dog shampoo. Your dogs skin is very sensitive and it will be very easy to irritate.

Proper bathing and grooming of your dog will help keep their skin healthy so that they do not develop hot spots. A hot spot is a severe skin irritation that will often require veterinary attention.

Exercise Needs

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic dogs which means that they have short heads. This means that their sinuses are also short and not well suited for aerobic activity. Your Frenchie will never be a long distance runner.

This being said, they will still need regular exercise, just not that much of it. Give them the exercise that they need with regular play time at home and a nightly short walk. Keeping them well exercised will insure that your puppy stays happy and free of the biggest French Bulldog health issue, obesity.

Common Health Issues

Every breed has their own health issues and the French Bulldog is no exception to this. Here are some things to look out for.


We just hit on this, but it is important enough to mention again. Frenchies are fun and energetic, but they like to eat and most do not get enough exercise. This can lead to obesity which can cause joint and heart issues. Keep them slim with light exercise and food moderation.

Breathing Issues

Because they are brachycephalic dogs, they have some breathing issues. The issues are usually not a problem but they will grunt, snort and snore quite a bit. You will even find that the snorting becomes part of their language.

Heat Sensitivity

The breathing issues that all French Bulldogs have is also a contributor to their heat sensitivity. A Frenchie should never be considered an outside dog and their time out in the heat should be greatly limited.


Any special grooming needs and care that needs to be taken are more than made up for by the personality of a French Bulldog.

These dogs love their people and they are always ready to play, albeit for short periods of time. They also rarely bark and are not typical yappy small dogs. This is not to say that they do not talk however. Once you are an owner you will start to develop an understanding for their language made up of grunts and snorts.

Overall, the Frenchie is a wonderful family pet and well worth the entry price.

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