Dog Breeders Near You

If you are in need of financing, we can help you get a free puppy financing offer. This is only half of the work though. Once you have the money, you need to also find good dog breeders, which can be difficult. Luckily, we can help.

A rottweiller puppy from dog breeders.

Pure Bred Puppies Near You

You likely already have a breed in mind. If so, just make your choice below. If you are still on the fence, read through the descriptions and see what appeals most to you.

English Bulldogs

If short and stocky is your thing, the English Bulldog has you covered. They are known for being brave dogs, albeit a bit stubborn in nature. Although once bred for fighting, they are now raised as family companions and they are very loving toward their owners.

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French Bulldogs

Known fondly as Frenchies, these are very popular small dogs. With a large head and a short snout, they are very similar to English Bulldogs, just smaller. They are very loving and tend to be very low key. You will rarely hear a French Bulldog owner say that their dog barks too much. This is not to say that they are boring however. Frenchies love to play, just for short periods.

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German Shepherds

The classic working dog. German Shepherds need to be exercised and mentally challenged. If you are an active person, the GSD is a good choice. Keep in mind that this is considered a large dog with males reaching weights of 75 to 90 pounds

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Great Danes

The Great Dane is known as a Gentle Giant for a reason. They love their owners and act more like lap dogs than the Giant Working Class breed that they are. If you purchase a Dane, make sure that you intend them to be a part of the family. because they will demand it. It is also important to find  knowledgeable dog breeders that know how to screen out genetic problems.

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The Maltese is considered a Toy breed. It will reach an adult weight of about 5 pounds, so if compact is what you are looking for, this is it. They are also very playful and fun dogs to have around but they are prone to fits of heavy barking. Be prepared to shower your Maltese with attention and give them a bit of exercise to keep them quiet.

Choosing Dog Breeders

Picking your breeder is a big decision. Not all breeders are knowledgeable or even responsible in their breeding practices. Take a look as some things to look for in a good dog breeder.

Pride In Their Facilities

A good breeder will be proud of the facility or home where their puppies are raised. If you want to check out their facility, they should be quick to offer you a tour. Of course, these days this tour might be virtual, but even a virtual tour will be useful when trying to judge a facility.

On your tour, you should look at where the dogs are being or will be raised. Also, ask to meet the Dam and the Sire so that you can judge what your potential puppy will look and act like when they are adults.

Responsible Breeding Practices

Breeders should not be forcing their Dams to have litter after litter just to make as much profit as possible. That would make them a puppy mill which is highly undesirable if you want a well adjusted and healthy dog.

How do you tell if you are dealing with a puppy meal. They usually stand out if you use your common sense. If the breeder will not introduce you to the parents, won’t show you their facility or they have multiple litters available at once, they are more likely to be a puppy mill.

Knowledge Of Their Breed

A responsible breeder will have educated themselves on their dog breed. They will be the type of person who has learned from experience and who seeks to be an expert in their field.

You should be able to ask your dog breeders just about anything and get a knowledgeable answer. Ask about your dogs eventual size, temperament and potential genetic issues, among other things.

Good References

People love their pets and if a breeder is providing quality dogs, they will surely have people willing to vouch for them.

Ask for a few names of people that you can contact. When you do, be sure to ask about the temperament of their dogs and any health problems their pet might have had.