Thinking about getting a Bernese Mountain Dog? Well, if you have never owned an AKC pure bred dog, the sticker price might just shock you. Before you start shopping, let’s find out just how much puppy prices are for Bernese Mountain Dogs.

A Bernese Mountain dog puppy.

Cost Of A Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are very popular in this country, but this comes at a cost. They are an expensive breed to own when using an experienced breeder. The cost is worth it though as “backyard breeders” should generally be avoided.

Pure Bred Bernese Mountain Dogs

You can expect to pay anywhere from $1500 to $2500 for a well bred AKC Bernese Mountain Dog with papers. This would be the cost that a reputable breeder would charge. If you want a dog with championship lineage, expect to pay thousands more.

If this price shocks you, but you still want a Bernese Mountain Dog, consider a rescue. There are always a countless number of dogs needing a good home. Most dogs will be older pets of 2 years or older and the chance of getting a puppy is very slim. Having said that, you can adopt for a fraction of the price of buying an AKC puppy.

Most Bernese Mountain Dog rescues will charge anywhere from $300 to $500 for an adoption fee. The cost will go towards food, vert bills and keeping the rescue going. You can find some local BMD rescues here.

A mountain dog puppy that demands high prices.

Is This Dog Right For You?

Now that you know how much Bernese Mountain Dogs Are, you need to consider whether the breed is right for you. Every dog has certain traits that either make them a good or a bad choice and these dogs are no exception. Take a look at some of the characteristics of a BMD and make your decision whether the breed is a match for you.


Male Bernese Mountain Dogs will come in at 90 to 120 pounds and females will be about 20 pounds smaller. They are by no means small dogs and the thick fur coat generally makes them seem much larger than their actual weight.

These dogs have a very striking long three color coat that sets them apart from many breeds. Do keep in mind though that that coat comes with a price. You will need to invest time and/or money into grooming your dog. This is needed to keep the coat healthy and free of mats.

You will need to brush your dog daily and frequent professional grooming will be required. This can drive up the cost of pet ownership and the demands on your time.


The great thing about different dog breeds is the strikingly different personalities that they can have.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are a working breed and this comes with several perks and negatives.

On the plus size, you get a generally good natured dog that is alert and smart. They are curious and eager to learn which tends to make them a good choice for training. They are also very loyal and bond quite strongly with their family. Much like Great Danes, they always want to be near their people.

On the negative side, you have a dog that needs to be exercised. As a working dog, they will become bored if not challenged and a bored dog is a destructive one. If you do not have time to spend with your BSD, this is not a good breed for you.

A BMD puppy.

Buying Your Bernese Mountain Dog

If you decide that this is the breed for you, you need to take care when buying your puppy. You should always use a reputable breeder with the experience needed to successfully breed the BMD. You should avoid the casual “backyard breeder” whenever you can and here is why.

Dam And Sire Screening

This is what really separates a professional and a casual breeder, screening. A good breeder will do everything that they can to ensure that they are breeding healthy animals. This means screening the Dams and Sires for genetic problems.


A professional breeder has the experience to do things right. They will know what vaccinations are required, when to ween their dogs and what food to feed them. Working dogs like Bernese Mountain Dogs and German Shepherds have particular diet needs. You just can not replace experience.


One of the things that a good breeder will tell you is that if you ever have to give up your dog, you should call them first. Many of them even have it written into their contracts. This shows that they care for their dogs and that it is not all about money.