Great Dane sleeping

10 Reasons You Should Own A Great Dane

If it is time to choose a new canine companion, you have a seemingly endless list of choices. One choice that might cross your mind is buying or adopting a Great Dane puppy. These dogs might seem like they would be a ton of trouble due to their size but [...]

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French Bulldog resting on the ground.

New Frenchie Puppy? Here Are Some Training Tips

Are you about to bring home a new French Bulldog puppy? This is an exciting time for you, but make sure that you are prepared for what is about to come. You need to have a plan on how to train that new puppy of yours. Luckily, we can help [...]

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A group of dogs.

Bonding Tips For New Dog Owners

If you are bringing home or have already brought home a new dog or puppy, one of your first thoughts should be about bonding to them. While most dogs are happy to be loved on, true bonding takes some work. If you are a new dog owner, here are some [...]

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A puppy that needs socializing.

Socializing Your New Puppy

If you have a new puppy, one of your first tasks will be properly socializing them. This is of course after they are fully vaccinated, but it should be done as soon as possible. The benefits of properly socializing your puppy are many. A properly socialized dog will be friendlier [...]

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A new puppy in a blanket.

Kids & The New Puppy

If you are bringing a new puppy into your home in the near future and have kids, they are likely very excited. While seeing the excitement in your children’s eyes is fun as a parent, it presents some challenges. Take a look at a few things that you need to [...]

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Cane Corso Financing

If you need financing to purchase a Cane Corso, we can help. Get a cash offer that you can use to buy your puppy from any breeder you like. How much do you expect to spend? Financing Your Puppy People are often surprised that you can finance a puppy, but [...]

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Tips for new puppy owners.

Puppy Tips For First Time Owners

Raising a puppy is a lot harder than it at first seems. This is one thing that first time puppy owners quickly come to realize. It is not all puppy breath and tail chasing, so there are some things you need to know. If you are a new puppy owner, [...]

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A dog left at home.

Can You Leave A Dog Alone All Day?

It is a pretty simple question, but the answer depends on your particular dog and their stage of life. Let’s take a look and figure out just how long you can leave your dog alone at home. Adult Dogs If you have an adult dog, that is fully trained, they [...]

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Jack Russell from a responsible breeder.

Spotting A Responsible Breeder

Like everything else in life, not all breeders are the same. Some are more dedicated to their craft than others, which means that you need to do your research before deciding on a breeder. Lucky for you, we can help. Why Choose A Responsible Breeder? Before we get started, what [...]

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A french bulldog after puppy training.

Training A French Bulldog

Puppy training is crucial, but it is something that people often give too little consideration to. This is especially true when you have a cute little dog like a French Bulldog. Like most small breeds, these dogs tend to get away with murder, but you shouldn’t let them. If you [...]

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