Puppies that you can buy after you apply for a pet loan.

Apply For A Pet Loan

Need a pet loan? We can certainly help with that. It takes just a few minutes to apply for a pet loan and get your offer. Just click the link above to get your quote or keep reading and learn how all of this works.

Getting Your Loan Quote

When you click on the link above, you will be taken to a short and sweet, secure loan form. You can then get your offer with just some basic information about yourself and your needs.

First, you will select how much money you expect to need. Do your best to estimate your needs based on the going rate for the pet you want. For example, the going rate for breeds like French Bulldogs is about $5000. Your breeds price may vary, but it is usually best to err on the higher side of things.

Next, you will enter in your basic information like your employment info and contact information. Wrap it all up by entering in whee you want your money sent because, if approved, your lender will send money directly to you. This will allow you to shop any breeder as a cash buyer. This is a huge bonus because many breeders just do not want to deal with financing.

Finally, all that you need to do in order to finish applying for a pet loan is to agree to the terms and hit submit and get your answer. If approved, one lender will make you an offer for financing. You will then be taken to their website in order to review the details of your loan.

Should you ultimately like your pet loan offer, you can accept it ad your lender will send you money ASAP. This can happen as soon as the next business day.

Why Use PuppyLending.com?

First, you should know that at PuppyLending.com, we are not lenders. This is actually a very good thing for you, especially if you have less than perfect or bad credit. Instead of lending, we get you access to a very large pool of lenders. With more lenders available, your chances of getting an approval from one of them increase. Here are just a few of the reasons to get your quote here.

Get Paid In Cash

Most legitimate breeders do not want to work with financing companies. The ones that do are usually inexperienced or, worse yet, pet stores. Why limit your selection?

If you are approved and accept your pet loan offer, your lender will deposit funds directly into your bank account. That will allow you to shop for your puppy at any breeder just like every other cash buyer. You can even use excess funds as you wish. Buy some pet gear or put the money towards first year pet expenses.

Get An Easy Approval

With a large pool of lenders available, it may be much easier for you to get approved for the money that you need. Instead of going from direct lender to direct lender, you can fill out one simple form and get your offer. If approved, one lender will make you an offer and there is no commitment. If you do not like the offer, simply walk away.

Get Approved Fast

It takes just minutes to get you offer online. Once approved, you can generally handle most of the final loan details online. An online loan for your pet really is the easiest and fastest option.

Shopping With Your Pet Loan

After you apply for a pet loan, if you are approved, you can now turn your attention to purchasing your pet. Now is the time to do your research to make sure that you get the pet that is right for you and that you buy it from the right source. Here are some things to consider before putting down your money.

Is the breeder experienced?

There are a lot of “back yard breeders” in the market and most of them have good intentions. Unfortunately, they lack experience which can cause some problems. A legitimate and experienced breeder will do some important things such as test their Dams and Sires for genetic conditions. This will result in an animal that will be healthier and, in the end, paying more with an experienced breeder will save you money.

Of course, it also should go without saying that you should avoid the pet shop entirely and stick to a good breeder. Pet shops tend to use puppy mills and often have less than perfect conditions for their animals. There are many potential health and ethical issues surrounding pet shops.

Is the breed right for you?

A great deal of thought should also be given to the breed of pet that you choose. Consider things like the lifespan, eventual size and temperament for the animal. If you are an active person, for example, you would not want to choose a dog like an English Bulldog puppy but instead might be better suited to a German Shepherd.

Is the deal legit?

One last thing that we should mention is that you should  be cautious about buying your puppy online. In general, it is not a good idea. Get your financing online but get the dog locally. Why, because the newest scam on the internet is selling fake puppies. Luckily, these online puppy scams are easy to detect. The scammer will set up a website with no phone number and too many dogs, priced way too cheap. If you contact them, they will pressure you to wire money in order to secure your pet ASAP. Don’t fall for it, go with a local legitimate breeder.

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