Thank you for visiting PuppyLending.Com where we make it easy for you to get a quote for the puppy loan that you need.

Just fill out one simple form online and get an offer in a matter of minutes. The form is simple and you are under no obligation whatsoever, so there is no reason not to get started right away.

We may be able to help you get an offer whether you have good or bad credit.  Take a minute and find out how it all works.

How Does It Work?

Simple, you first enter your information in the very short loan quote form. You can find a link to it at the top of the page.

The form just asks for minimal information like how much you would like, your name, contact information and information about your income.

Once you complete the form, simply submit it and off it goes. It is sent securely to a large network of lenders. You see, we are not direct lenders and this is a great thing if you want a puppy now. Instead of being a lender, we give you access to a large network of lenders. Puppy financing is a tricky thing since it is a non secured loan, pretty hard to repossess a puppy.

More lenders means a greater chance of getting an approval, even if you have bad credit. If you are approved, one lender will make you an offer. Upon approval, you will be directed to the lenders website where you can see all of the terms and conditions of your loan.

Take this as an opportunity to completely familiarize yourself with the details of your offer. Make sure that you read and understand everything before you commit to a loan. Once you sign your loan agreement, it is too late, so be sure to take this chance to learn everything about your offer. If you are unsure of something, contact your lender directly and get clarification.

Should you decide to take the loan offer, the lender will deposit money directly into your account. This means that you are not stuck buying from one pet store. You can shop directly with a breeder and with any breeder you choose, because you will be a cash buyer.

Dealing directly with a breeder means that you will usually get a better price and almost always end up with a healthier animal. Most pet shops purchase from puppy mills which are notorious for over-breeding   and even unhealthy conditions.

Paying For Your Loan

At PuppyLending.Com,  we are not direct lenders. We can not guarantee that you are approved and what rates and terms that you qualify for. That is all private between you and your lender, we do not even have knowledge about the offer you receive.

Before accepting your loan, be sure that you understand how the repayment will work. Their will often be predetermined automatic payments involved. If this is the case with your loan, be sure that you know when and for what amount these payments will be.