A hydrant often used for dog marking

8 Tips For Controlling Dog Marking

Id your dog marking its territory a bit too much? Marking is a normal behavior for dogs and is something that you will never really be able to train out of them. That being said, if they are constantly marking their territory in your home or on your patio, it can be a big problem.

While this behavior can never be completely eliminated, it can be greatly reduced and your pet can figure out the areas that are appropriate to mark. Take a look at some hints that can help you control this problem and live a happier life with your dog.

1) Walk Your Dog Often

Dogs are going to want to mark territory. It is something that is just deeply ingrained in them, so why not give them an opportunity to do so in a non destructive fashion.

Taking your dog for at least one long walk a day will give them the chance to get is all out of their system. Choose a good location with lots of trees and structures to mark. A public park is the best option as it is best to allow them to mark other peoples property as little as possible.

2) Use Positive Reinforcement

A few treats and/or good words can go a long way as long as you are consistent.

Whenever your dog marks an acceptable item, reward them the same way that you did when potty training them in the first place.

Whenever you see them attempt to mark an unacceptable item, redirect them to an acceptable one. When they mark it, reward them.

Keep at it, some dogs like French Bulldogs can be more stubborn. Over time, with consistency, positive reinforcement always works.

3) Clean Up Accidents

Once they mark an item, you need to clean it as soon as possible. If they can smell their urine on the item, it will only reinforce their desire to do it again.

There are a lot of good enzyme based products on the market such as Natures Miracle. The enzymes break down and digest the urine which helps to physically remove the deposits.

4) Limit Their Access

It is easy enough to correct your dog when you are home, but if they ae marking territory in your home, what do you do when you are gone? Confine them.

If your new puppy dog is not ready to have free access to your home, put up some gates and keep them in a more confined area such as the kitchen. If you are a believer in crate training, a crate might be the option that works for you.

In either case, limit their access until the habit is under control.

5) Have Them Checked Out

Ever had a UTI? Dogs can get them too and they have the same effect on them. Discomfort and a constant need to urinate.

If your pet is peeing all the time, it could just be an infection. That or it could be a number of other issues causing the problem such as weakened bladder control from aging. Their may be medication that can help so see a vet.

6) Spay Or Neuter

If you do not plan on breeding your dog, this is something that you should do anyway, simply for their health.

Much of the marking instinct is centered around mating. Once they no longer desire to mate, they often lose the urge to mark as well. Consult with your veterinarian about the proper time to spay or neuter your pet.

7) Secure Your Yard

If other animals are getting into your yard, your dog knows it. They can smell the other animals and they will get the urge to mark their territory.  The animal in question could be a raccoon, a coyote or even the neighbors cat.

Do what you can, within reason, to secure your yard. Seal up holes in the fence and secure trash cans to discourage other animals from entering. Of course, be sure to only use safe deterrent methods, no poisons, etc.

8) Be Patient

Sometimes things just take time to work themselves out. As long as you have a plan of attack and take action, marking is something that can be controlled.

The worse thing that you can do is get angry and try to rush the situation. Give your dog time to figure it out.