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10 Reasons You Should Own A Great Dane

If it is time to choose a new canine companion, you have a seemingly endless list of choices. One choice that might cross your mind is buying or adopting a Great Dane puppy. These dogs might seem like they would be a ton of trouble due to their size but they just might be the breed for you. Here are 10 of the biggest reasons to consider making a Great Dane part of your life.

They Truly Are Gentle Giants

While their size might be intimidating, Great Danes are well known for being gentle. They have a caring and calm disposition which makes them a great choice for older owners and those with children alike.

Great Danes Are Loyal

Once you allow a Great Dane into your life, you will know the definition of loyalty. Your Dane will thrive by forming strong bonds with their family. This means that they will want to do everything with you and be with you just as much of the time as possible. This comes at a cost however, so if you are looking for a dog that lets you do your own thing, keep looking.

They Can Live In Any Home

Believe it or not, their giant size does not have to dictate what kind of home they can live in. Great Danes are capable of adapting to just about any home and also make great apartment dogs. Given regular exercise, your Dane will be more than happy to make your tiny apartemtn their home.

Danes Protect You

By definition, a Great Dane is a working class dog. They are guard dogs and their imposing size and deep bark will easily keep criminals at bay. Even better, their bark is usually just that, bark. That means you do not have to have an aggressive dog that will bite just to have home protection.

Kid Friendly

Because of a number of factors, Danes may be the ultimate kid friendly pet. They are bug enough that smalkl children can not hurt them, they are incredibly gentle and they are protective. All this adds up to a trusted companion for your child.

Easy Grooming And Maintenance

If you love spending hundreds of dollars a year on grooming, this is not the dog for you. Your Dane requires minimal grooming. A weekly brushing and regular baths are all it takes. This keeps more money in your wallet and helps keep fur off the floor.

Very Individualized Personalities

Every Dane is unique in personality. Much of this is learned behavior but some is just luck of the draw. Your particular Dane could be outgoing, could be reserved, might be a goofball or could be serious. Whatever the case, they will be a unique animal and family member.

They Come In Many Colors

Many breeds seem to come with one or two main coloration. This is not the case with a Great Dane. These incredible dogs come in a variety of colors including fawn, blue, black, harlequin, mantle and merle. Even better, with random spotting it is hard to find two Danes that truly look alike.

They Are Relatively Healthy

Compared to many breeds, the American Dane is relatively healthy. Given regular exercise and a healthy diet your American Great Dane will live a healthy 10 to 12 years of life. You may have heard Danes live a very short life, but this is more the case with the larger European Danes.

Summing It Up

As you can see, there are just so many reasons to get a Great Dane. If you are still on the fence, contact some Great Dane groups in your area and ask to show up at a meetup. If you do, you will likely never look back and will become a Dane owner for life.

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