A puppy sitting on grass.

10 Puppy Facts You May Not Know

Love puppies? It is hard not to, but how much do you know about puppies? See how many of these puppy facts that you know.

  1. Puppies are born blind and deaf.
    Because of the short gestation period, puppies are born deaf and blind. A shorter pregnancy is thought to have helped canines survive by allowing the Dam to still hunt for food and defend herself.
  2. Some breeds need C sections.
    Some breeds, because of the shape of their bodies are nearly always born through Cesarean section. The culprit is generally a big head, Such is the case with French Bulldog puppies which has led some to call breeding them unethical. Other breeds that often require C sections are English Bulldogs and the Pekingese.
  3. Puppies have to poop after eating.
    If you are potty training, you should know that puppies have a very strong gastrocolic reflex. When the stomach fills, the body releases hormones that tell the intestines to contract and make way for more food. It usually takes about 15 minutes to produce a result, so set a timer.
    Humans have the same reflex, but most of us are not as sensitive to it.
  4. Dalmatians come spot free.
    The Dalmatian is known for their coat full of white spots, but they are born without them. The dogs are actually completely white at birth and begin getting their spots at around the 4 to 5 week mark.
  5. Breed size is related to litter size.
    In general, the larger a dog is, the more puppies it will have. A dog like a German Shepherd might have an average of 8 puppies while Chihuahua puppies generally come in a litter of around 4. It is just on of the things hat drives up the prices of small dogs.
  6. Puppies have a soft spot.
    Just like human babies, puppies have a soft spots or fontanels. Most owners will be unaware of this because they usually close up between weeks 4 and 6, before they can be taken home. Some soft spots can take longer to close and this is normally the case with toy breeds.
  7. Small dogs mature faster.
    Most dog breeds will be fully mature between 12 and 24 months with small dogs maturing much faster than larger breeds. A Maltese puppy, for example will grow to maturity in 10 to 12 months while a Great Dane might will likely take closer to 22 to 24 months.
  8. 24 is the record.
    The record for most puppies born in a litter is 24. The proud mother, Tia was a Mastiff and the birth occurred in 2004. The pups were born through C section and the litter consisted of 9 females and 15 males. Sadly one was stillborn and three died the first week.
  9. Puppies will sleep 20 hours a day.
    If you are excited about that new puppy, keep in mind that they will not be very active for some time. Short bursts of activity followed by long naps will be the norm. If you have kids, make sure that they understand his reality.
  10. Puppy fur is different.
    A puppy will have a different coat than an adult. At birth they will have a softer single layer coat. They will lose this coat at 4 to 6 months and develop a thicker and usually coarser adult coat.

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